The Collegiate Witch: Lesson Plans

Thank you to everyone who is enjoying The Collegiate Witch series! If you’re interested in being a part of my Collegiate Witch Study Group, feel free to use the Back to Basics Lesson Plans I’ve provided below, as a general outline for your studies.

Back to Basics Lesson Plan Elements and Sabbats

Back to Basics Lesson Plan Magickal Code and Deity

These Lesson Plans are a combination of assignment & activity prompts from various pagan books & YouTube videos from witches like RandomWitch, Avalon Cameron, Molly Roberts. I simply compiled them into an organized format for the purpose of my studies and added a few extra prompts of my own.

Add me on social media and tag me in any of your #collegiatewitchstudygroup posts! I’d like this series to be as interactive as possible, so we can continue to learn and be inspired by each other!

Blessed Be!


The Snow Orchid Witch

The Collegiate Witch

In my Redesigning My Books of Shadows post, I talked about getting back to basics with my practice, rediscovering the fundamentals of magick and carving out my own unique perspective on the Craft, which will then be archived in my new grimoire.

The Collegiate Witch Series showcases my own academic style of studying magick- my very own Hogwarts, so to speak.

As a high school and college student, I was always a very organized learner with neat, structured color-coordinated notes- very Virgo of me.

The only problem is- magick as a whole, isn’t very structured. One aspect leads to another, then another, then another and overtime it can feel overwhelming trying to keep up with all the information and various perspectives.

To keep myself focused amidst the avalanche of knowledge, I developed my own Lesson Plans outlining each subject with specific objectives, topics, assignments, activities, term papers and final exams.

Here are a few tips on creating your own magickal Lesson Plans.

  1. Make a Brain Dump of all the magickal subjects you’d like to study and your objectives for each subject.
  2. Class Orientation- Before creating your Lesson Plans, read a few short internet articles or watch some quick YouTube videos on each subject to get a taste of its general themes, concepts and topics.
  3. Decide which topics you’d like to focus on and list any others subtopics you’d like to explore as well.
  4. Create assignments and activities that will help foster and develop your knowledge of the subject matter.
  5. Choose your own professors & philosophers. Check out the wonderful array of witches on YouTube and sit down for a lecture, lesson or tutorial.
  6. Write a term paper culminating your knowledge and your specific perspective on the subject matter.
  7. As your Final Exam, create a Grimoire page using your term paper as literary content and design imagery or page crafts to represent the subject’s theme.

Creative Learning

As most of us already know, the left side of the brain governs our logical intellectual side while the right side manages our more creative, artistic side. Both are equally as important as the other and when I study magick, I personally like to keep a happy balance between the two. This consists of not only written assignments but also creative activities which allow me to view the subject matter in new, interesting and artistic ways.

Studying with the Mind, Body & Soul

In my practice, I thrive to achieve balance and equilibrium physically, mentally and spiritually in order to evolve, not only as a witch but also as a human being. I also like to keep this balancing principle in mind with my magickal studies as well.

Along with my book and internet studies, which stimulate my intellect- I enjoy taking my schooling outside the “classroom” and into the physical world. Just like a pre-med student takes their studies from the library, into labs and eventually begin working in hospitals- I prefer to “get my hands dirty” with my magickal education by physically working with my subject matter.

Intuitive Learning

I’ve also learned how to practice Intuitive Learning which caters to my spiritual understanding of the subject matter. While sifting through the abundance of information available, I’ll sometimes come across conflicting ideas or principles- which is to be expected in magick. Every practitioner is different and they each have their own specific viewpoints. There is no clear right or wrong in magick- the exception is, however, certain spiritual traditions which deserve the respect of practicing in reverence to its true particular roots.

The trick to Intuitive Learning is listening to your intuition- the voice within that viscerally reacts to information or perspectives that truly resonates with your spirit and aligns with your personal belief systems. Absorb what feels right and adjust or leave behind what doesn’t.

Follow me on this magickal academic journey and leave me a reply, letting me know how you choose to study your Craft.

Happy Studying, witches!


The Snow Orchid Witch

Merry Beltane: DIY May Day Flower Crown & Redesigning My Altar

I was recently invited to participate in the annual May Day Magic Crowning Ritual created by Mookychick, an awesome alternative-feminist website which promotes all-inclusivity and features unique lifestyles such as modern witchcraft.

On May 1st anyone who would like to participate, will join others from across the world in gifting one another with a May Day crown which is a symbol of empowerment and good spirit. The ritual steps are simple yet very powerful in uniting us together as one.

Their site offers a basic outline of the ritual and various ideas on how to make it your own.

 As for me- I’m busting out my glue gun and crafting my own May Day flower crown.

I kept myself on a tight budget and hit up my local dollar store’s floral section, where I bought four small bouquets of artificial flowers and a vine garland.

May Day Crown

The steps for crafting a flower crown were surprisingly simple.

DIY Flower Crown

  1. Measure the vine garland in a circle to fit your head & secure the measure with a string.
  2. Glue the ends down to secure the fit.
  3. Pop off the flower buds and decide where you’d like to place them.
  4. Once you’ve decided, dot the back of the flower with a hot glue gun and carefully press it onto the vine.
  5. Fill in any empty space with leaves from the bouquets.
  6. If the crown fits too loosely, wrap some twine around the back end of the crown and use bobby pins to loop through the twine and secure the crown to your hair.

Flower Crown

BOOM- you got yo’self a crown!

May Day, or Beltane- is  a wonderful day to celebrate sensuality and the union between the God & the Goddess. It’s also a great day to work prosperity, fertility and any type of fire magick.

I really connect with the wild nature of Beltane and I like to reflect that kind of animalistic flair with big, wavy wild hair and a sensual form-fitting slip dress. My eye makeup will be smoky with rich chocolatey, earthy browns partnered with a soft, natural nude lip.

I’ve redesigned my altar for Beltane, removing my Ostara nest and replacing it with my lovely May Day crown  & a piece of antler to represent the Divine Masculine. I interlay the two on top of each other to symbolize their union.

As for my ritual- it will take place within my Astral Realm, which is where I will meet the other witches who are participating in the May Day Crowning and celebrate with them around a sacred bonfire.

Music is a big part of my practice and if I find a song that I can really connect with- a song that can transport me into a visceral spiritual state- I’ll add it to my ritual. For me, Fever Ray’s The Wolf – featured in the Red Riding Hood film during the fire festival scene, portrays the raw primitive heat of sensuality, passion and fire. The beat, the horns, the erotic primal movements of the villagers as they dance to the music- it practically screams Beltane.

What are your Beltane plans? Would you like to take part in the May Day Crowning Ritual? If so, let me know. Leave me a reply or join the conversation on Twitter by following @MayDayMagick and use the hashtag #MayDayMagic to share ideas & photos at any time before and after the ritual.

Wishing you all a Merry Beltane!

Blessed Be.


The Snow Orchid Witch

Living in a Fairy Tale: My Enchanted Altar

An altar means something different to every witch, especially depending on the type of Craft the witch chooses to practice. My altar is a place for daily devotionals, meditation, divination, creative visualizations, etc.

When I design my altar, I like to follow my intuition. I’ll take a look at my witchy bookshelf and pick items that best relate to the season, my mood or the magick I’m working on. As an eclectic witch, I follow no specific altar rules. Along with the traditional altar items like an athame & the pentacle, I also keep non-traditional items such as my Grimm’s Fairy Tales book to symbolize my whimsical creativity and a teacup filled with moss and acorns to represent the Divine Feminine.

In my Magickal Morning Routine post I talked about the six witchy habits I perform to kick start my day. One of those habits is Grounding & Centering, which are techniques that most witches are very familiar with. Unfortunately, I’m a witch who needs a little help with my meditations. I find it hard to simply turn the meditative switch on and off, so I need the help of mental & physical indicators to really shift my mind into a more magickal state.

This begins with my Gateway.

Sitting on top of my altar is a gold mirror which I use as a portal to my Astral Realm, where my spirit can run wild with no bounds. Within this realm  I can ground myself barefoot in the forest and center my energies which I imagine as fluttering butterflies that rest on my head and shoulders as I find my spiritual center.

To open this gateway, I simply knock.

After blessing the entrance with the smoke of white sage and drawing the pentacle in the air before it, I visualize the mirror transforming into a large heavy wooden door.

One… two… three knocks to open the portal and I step into my astral playground.

As the saying goes, “The mirror has two faces.”

And once on the other side, I find myself sitting over a still pond peering into the gateway from which I had just journeyed through.  I can see my bedroom in the physical realm- my cats cuddling on my bed, my altar candles still flickering like a beacon in the dark water to help me find my way back home.

Suddenly something flies past my head- a tiny giggling light which beckons me to follow. My feet make squishing noises on the dewy moss as I chase after the winged orb, being careful not to step on the tiny mushrooms which sprinkle the ground. Finally I come to a small clearing in the woods and find the most magnificent tree I’ve ever laid eyes on. As I step closer towards it, I can feel the ground stirring beneath me- swelling up, then slowly leveling down.

She’s breathing.

I take a seat before her, and pressing my back onto her trunk- I close my eyes and follow her breath.

In and out. In and out. Slowly the moss begins to grow- over my legs, around my finger tips and up my temples.

We are becoming one. She is within me and I am within her.

My Astral Realm has many magickal locations with varying spiritual purposes- but the Forest is my absolute favorite.

Of course, I also enjoy the beauty of nature in our physical realm and when I can take a moment to connect with her, it’s unbelievably fulfilling. But there’s also something special about having an astral realm.

 It’s safe. It’s intimate. It’s mine.

In another post, I’ll explain more about my Astral Realm and how to map out your own.

 Blessed Be, wanderers.


The Snow Orchid Witch

Plan with a Witch: Witchy Bullet Journal Moon Tracker

I admit it. I’m not much of a spontaneous witch. I found that the spontaneous spells I performed in the past either didn’t work or yielded erratic results. I find success in planning, preparing and clearly focusing on my intentions before doing any type of spell work.

As a Cancerian, I have strong magickal ties to the Moon. In fact, She is a major component in my witchy planning process. I follow her phases, which astrological signs she’s in and the times of the month that she is Void-of-Course.

Moon Tracker flatlay

I created a Moon Tracker layout in my Witchy Bullet Journal for quick & easy referencing. At the end of every month, I make a new Moon Tracker on a two-page spread for the month ahead.

Month At A Glance

On the left page, I title the header Month At-A-Glance. This page will have a vertical calendar of the days of the month where I can write down major events like Esbats & Sabbats. I start by writing the dates in a column on the far left hand side of the page. Next to each date I write the first letter of the day of the week to more easily distinguish each particular day.

Moon Tracker Left Page

If you like the more traditional calendar look, you can also use a Monthly Planner and use different washi tape to mark these major dates. I use a sparkly gold tape for Sabbats, a matte silver tape for New Moons & a sparkly silver washi tape for Esbats.

Monthly Moon Chart

On the right page, I title the header Moon Chart. This is where I will track the Moon’s astrological signs and Void-of-Course periods. I begin by writing the dates in a vertical column on the far left hand side of the page. I then write the hours of the day in a row, underneath the header and right above the vertical column of dates.

Moon Tracker Right Page

Void-of-Course Periods

To find the Void-of-Course periods, I refer to my Llewellyn’s Witches Datebook 2017 and convert the times from Eastern to my time zone. On the Month-At-A-Glance page, I make a vertical line down the right-hand side leaving enough room to jot down the specific time of each Void-of-Course period for every day. I write the quarters of the moon in this area as well.

Moon Tracker Void of Course

Once I’ve written down the specific times for the Void-of-Course periods, I mark out these time blocks in a red pen on my Moon Chart. If the VoC period begins in the middle of the hour, I mark a slash through the block. If it takes up the whole hour, I mark an X through the entire block.

Before performing any magick, I refer to this page. Personally, I don’t like performing spells on a Void-of-Course period. It’s like when you’re tuning the radio and keep picking up static. I choose to simply wait until the signal is clear and the Moon is in a new astrological sign. I also don’t like to sign contracts, make large purchases or schedule any major meeting during a VoC period if at all possible. I want my radio station nice and clear for those types of events as well.

Moon Tracker Chart

Once I’m done marking out these periods, I write the astrological sign the Moon has entered after being VoC. This is a great way to plan and utilize Her varying energies throughout the month to better enhance your magick, depending on your spell’s specific purpose.

I also use this tracker to plan out my mundane activities as well. I like to start a new lifestyle change during the New Moon and use the VoC time periods to either relax, meditate or do a little studying.

How do you track the Moon? Let me know!


The Snow Orchid Witch

My Witchy YouTube Channel!

I finally did it! My Witchy YouTube Channel is finally up and I couldn’t be more excited to join such an amazing community of witches.

My first video is already up and it would mean the world to me if you checked it out. If you liked the video go ahead and give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more witchy goodness.

It’s a super tiny channel right now, so it needs all the help it can get. 😉

If you ever thought about starting your own channel, please do! There’s an awesome movement on YouTube called #BeTheWitchyChange which focuses on welcoming new witches & new witchy YouTubers to the community with open arms and full support.

If you decide to start a channel or already have one up, leave me a reply and let me know so I can subscribe to you as well.

And so, here it is. My first video on YouTube!

I hope you enjoy & Blessed Be!


The Snow Orchid Witch

Preparing for Mercury Retrograde

We’ve got another Mercury Retrograde on its way which means it’s time to keep an eye out on all communication, transportation, technology and travel plans. Some people take the go with the flow approach to Mercury Retro but I like to take extra precautions for myself and my loved ones.

First off, check up on your Mundane Maintenance.

Back up all important files on your computer.

Get a tune-up on your car.

Keep an eye out on your finances and try to stick to a budget.

Think before you speak.

Be very clear with your communication & correspondence at work.

Plan ahead but leave room for the unexpected.

This Mercury Retrograde I’m asking Jupiter for his assistance. I carved a candle with his symbol and dressed it with various oils and herbs, which I enchanted with my intentions of protection, happiness, good health, prosperity and love.

I chose some highly flammable oils so I decided to burn it in my cauldron and set it outside so the wind could take the smoke and jumpstart my magick immediately. Afterwards, I buried the remaining wax in the Earth right outside my property to keep its protective energies nearby and connected to me.

Mercury Retrograde Oils and Herbs

If you plan on working magick to protect yourself and your loved ones during this time, I urge you to choose herbs and oils that truly resonate with you. I chose a lot of protective, happy and lucky properties that happen to give off a fragrance I adore. Just inhaling the mixture puts me in a state of euphoria. If all you can find are the simple cooking herbs in your kitchen, toss ‘em in and charge your candle blend with whatever intentions you like. The key is Intention.

This month I intend on starting a new venture, which I usually avoid doing during Mercury Retrograde.

But I’m done holding off on my dreams.

And so, I decided to craft a Witches Bottle filled with items enchanted to remove obstacles, aid inspiration and boost my creativity.

Mercury Retrograde Bulb closeup

After cleansing the bottle with white sage, I began filling it with my items. I chose the same herbs I used for my Mercury Retrograde candle and added a few others such as marjoram which is attributed to Jupiter and defends against bad luck. I also added various seeds such as chia, dill, coriander and basil to represent my venture at its infancy and its potential for growth.

This time of year is a great time to start new projects so I wanted to reflect Spring’s energy of new beginnings with beautiful bright flowers. My new beginning involved shedding my old skin and all the insecurities which held me back from really going after my dreams; so I added some snake skin to represent my transformation.

I also added garnet chips for its manifestation properties and blessings of success, creativity, inspiration and the self-confidence I need to accomplish my goals. Lastly, I blew into the bottle to add a piece of me before tightening the lid and setting it on my desk altar.

Witches Bottle

Every time I work on this new exciting venture, I will sit down at my desk and shake the bottle to reactivate its energies and remind myself that I’m in control my own destiny.

How are you preparing for Mercury Retrograde? Let me know!

Blessed Be, lovelies!


The Snow Orchid Witch