The Daily Witch

The Daily Witch: Triumphant Thursdays

Thursdays are ruled by Jupiter- the planet of strength, success, expansion and long-term good fortune.

It was also named for the god Thor, who’s known for his mighty hammer and triumphant victories. Summoning Thor’s traits of power, courage and confidence can be helpful for business deals or personal relationships where strength & conviction are needed.

Thursdays are great for making big purchases or dealing with your finances. It’s also a lovely day to indulge in luxury. Treat yourself to a manicure or a beautiful dinner and enjoy the finer things in life.

If finances are tight, attract wealth and abundance by lighting a green candle dressed with simple herbs like basil or thyme. If you desire the right type of employment, performing a spell on this day assists in giving it a little extra oomph.

But always remember, gratitude is the key to prosperity. The Law of Attraction begins to work for you when you begin to put out positive thoughts and raise your personal vibrations with feelings of gratitude, love and joy.

What you think, you become

What you feel, you attract

What you imagine, you create.


Blessed Be


The Snow Orchid Witch

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