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The Daily Witch: Flirty Friday

Everyone knows the acronym TGIF and its meaning- Thank God it’s Friday. For most, it’s an expression of relief that the workweek is over and a nice, relaxing weekend is coming.

For witches, TGIF stands for Thank Goddess it’s Friday.

Fridays are ruled by the planet Venus, dedicated to the Roman goddess of love and is named after Freya, the Nordic goddess of love and beauty.

This day is about enjoyment and indulging in one’s beauty. Everyone has their insecurities, but today is the day to celebrate what makes us beautiful and practice little acts of self-love.

I like to create a Beauty Altar dedicated to goddesses such as Hathor, Oshun, Aphrodite, and of course, Freya. This can be as simple as a vanity decked out with all my beauty products and little touches of gold and pink in their honor. I take a little extra time getting ready, maybe going for a more glamourous look than my normal day-to-day makeup.

Date nights are great for Fridays due to its associations with love. My fiance and I will enjoy each other’s company with some good food and a few drinks. Once home we’ll get into our comfy clothes and curl up to watch a movie with some popcorn and candy.

How do you enjoy yourself on Fridays?

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The Snow Orchid Witch

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