The Daily Witch

The Daily Witch: Sacred Sunday

Sundays just feel different from the other six days of the week. It feels brighter than normal. The birds are chirping more. Families come together for barbeques. The kids are out playing and soaking in the sunlight.

Sunday corresponds to the Sun and is great for working on your career and advancing towards your dreams.

If I’m writing that day, I’ll call upon the fire goddess Brigid for illumination and inspiration.

Sundays offer vibrant and positive energies to any task.

Even as I whittle away at my chore list, I fling the curtains open, turn on some bright, fun music and enjoy it.

As I sit down with my weekly planner, I think about what goals I want to accomplish then develop ways to achieve them.

Eat healthier? Develop a nutritional meal plan and create a healthy grocery list.

Workout more? Schedule workouts that I love to do like pilates or yoga so I can look forward to doing them in the morning.

Save more money? Create a financial plan for the week and stick to a more strict budget. Find ways to enjoy life without spending money.

Be more grateful? Write a daily gratitude list and read it whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed or gloomy.

Every Sunday is a new opportunity to have an amazing week living the kind of life you deserve.

Plant or harvest something new, not just material crops, but also metaphysical ones!

When you create something from nothing, prepare to win everything!


The Snow Orchid Witch

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