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12 Nights of Yule- December 21st

Merry Yule

I hope everyone is enjoying the Winter Solstice as much as I am. The weather was bright and beautiful so I decided to do my writing outside and connect with the returning Sun.

As I’ve mentioned before in my Happy Witch post, 2016 was not very kind to me. My life was flipped upside down and inside out, yet as the year is coming to an end all I feel is gratitude. This is, after all, the night of Rebirth and Renewal.

On the second night of Yule, I dedicate my magick to the second month of the coming year- February. I personally adore February and all things Valentine’s Day. I can’t get enough of the cutesy decorations, the candy, the pink & red hearts- all of it!

I guess I don’t see the commercialization of it all because Valentine’s Day holds special sentimental value for me, being my parent’s anniversary. They taught us that Valentine’s Day wasn’t about Hallmark cards and boxes of chocolate. It’s about the universal gift of love- all kinds of love, especially the love of your family.

Instead of exchanging gifts with each other, they’d go out and get us kid’s presents. When I was thirteen, I had revealed I was converting to paganism and on Valentine’s Day they came home from their date with a deck of tarot cards for me. I was overjoyed! Those tarot cards were more than just a Valentine’s gift. They were representative of something not every young witch receives from their religious family- unconditional support and acceptance.

Ironically, support and acceptance are the very two things I’ve had trouble giving myself this year. But I’m determined to change that and this February I will not only be celebrating familial and, of course, romantic love- I will be celebrating the importance of self-love.


Today I have prepared a lovely herbal mixture of dried yellow rose petals for love, catnip for happiness and lavender for healing. After purifying with white sage and cinnamon incense, I crushed my herbs together at my working altar while setting my intention and drawing on the positive energies of the rose quartz and amethyst crystals.

Once I had created a fine blend of the herbs, I anointed tonight’s candle with lemon essential oil for added purification and brightness. Afterwards, I rubbed my Self Love Herbal Blend onto it, inhaling its gorgeous scent and smiling as I visualized my happy future.

I chose a pink candle for its peaceful, gentle energy and have placed it on my Venus altar for tonight’s celebration. As it burns, I welcome and give thanks to the returning light of the Sun who shines upon my path of healing.

I know this is a very different type of Yule celebration, but I see tonight’s ritual as my own rebirth and am discovering a renewed sense of self-worth in the process.

I hope everyone is having a blessed Yule and are enjoying the same warmth that I feel in my heart tonight.

Blessed be!


The Snow Orchid Witch

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