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12 Nights of Yule- December 30th

Witches celebrate Thanksgiving on Mabon in September but in November we celebrate with the rest of the country.

Although I don’t agree with the history behind the American Thanksgiving, I do appreciate any extra time I get to spend with my family.

On the eleventh night of Yule, I pay tribute to the second Thanksgiving.

My Thanksgiving begins with a turkey “dinner” at my tia’s house at around noon, followed by lots of red wine and some LOUD conversations, growing louder the more we drink. In the evening it’s round two of the festivities with my in-laws which lasts until about midnight. It’s an all day affair of good food, good drinks and great stories.

I made glazed carrots this past Thanksgiving and they were a hit! So I’ll definitely be repeating that recipe next year, probably tripling the quantities and adding chopped pecans for their added touch of prosperity. Not to mention, we Texans love our pecans!

Another Tex-ican Thanksgiving must- are tamales.


If you’re Hispanic, you know the tamales are the first to go. Their not only delicious, they’re coveted! Some people camp outside a tamale restaurant hours before they open to be sure they get their precious foil bundles of the cornhusk goodness.

There’s an entire ritual to tamale-making- usually involving a hot kitchen and a huge table surrounded by women elbow-deep in corn masa. There’s a feminine energy that fills the room and echoes the traditions of ancient Aztec and Mayan ancestors dating back to 5000 BC.


All the work, time and attention to detail it requires to cook tamales makes this its own special type of kitchen witchery.

Especially if you remember the magickal properties of corn, representing Mother Earth and her bountiful abundance, which provides blessings of luck, prosperity and protection to the recipe and all those who consume it.


Next year I’d like to gather the women in my family for some primordial feminine bonding as we cook tamales together in honor of our ancestors.

With the addition of a few bottles of wine, of course. 😉


The Snow Orchid Witch

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