Pine Harvesting

Most people have already discarded their Christmas tree, but I begged my parents not to burn theirs until I’ve been able to have some quality time with it and harvest what I could for the year.

In my ‘Tis the Season of Pine post I discussed the power of pine and its many magickal uses. But today as I sat outside in nature with the pine tree at my feet, I reflected on its spirit.


I honored the pine tree’s sacrifice and thanked him for giving my family such joy and happiness this past Christmas. I let him know his death will not be in vain and his spirit will be honored with every magickal working in which I use his needles and branches. I also ask that he bless my future workings with protection, prosperity, wisdom and purification.

Before harvesting from the tree, I sprinkled the rest of my Self Love Herbal Blend over it. I had created this herbal blend on Yule and kept the remainder as an offering on my altar.

As I sprinkled the mixture over his fluffy green body, a cool breeze blew by and the wind chimes hanging on the porch began singing a delicate song, ringing vibrations of blessings and offering their approval of our magickal bond.

Now the harvesting can begin.


I began by snipping off a few good pieces of branches to make little pine wands. I use pine wands to disperse consecrated salt water around my circle or on items I’d like to consecrate.

After harvesting a bowl full of pine, I lit my white sage bundle and began smudging. I drew small pentacles of smoke, whispered blessings and set my intentions for the kind of magick I plan on performing.

I also smudged the glass jar I’ll be using for storage, filling it with the smoke before placing the harvested pine inside.


Finally I smudged the piece of log I had removed from the bottom of the tree, which will be stored safely away and conserved for my 2017 Yule celebrations.

Every month or so, I like to redesign my altar. Today I removed my old Mercury Retrograde spell work and refilled my Offering Bowl with a few pine sprigs which had been dried in the Sun while solar-charging.

How do you like to harvest? Let me know!

Blessed Be!


The Snow Orchid Witch

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