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A Witches Beauty Altar

Ah, the bewitching power of makeup.

As little girls, we remember the feeling of watching our mothers apply their makeup up at their vanities, covered with various lotions and potions to enhance their natural beauty.

The image of a woman at her vanity evokes a very powerful sense of elegance, beauty and sensuality. I conjure up visions of Jean Harlow in her silk robe or Dita Von Teese applying her signature red lipstick.

Most women apply their cosmetics in very a ritualistic manner without even realizing it. Makeup brushes transform into wands and the vanity becomes an Altar of Beauty where we gaze at our reflection with the intention of transformation, self-confidence and of course- self love.

The energy built at this Altar of Beauty sets the tone for the entire day. We’re able connect with our Divine Femininity, creating shimmery pink energy swirls, spinning and twirling around us as we delicately prim & polish.


Ancient Egyptians understood the alchemy of makeup. Black kohl and other cosmetic minerals were used around the eyes to not only protect themselves from the sun’s glare, eye diseases and insects- but to also ward off evil spirits.

Prehistoric cosmetic palettes, not that far off from those you’d see in Sephora, date as far back as 5000 BC. Hathor, the golden Goddess of Beauty, ruled the world of cosmetics- an art Ancient Egyptians regarded as a sign of holiness.

My Beauty Altar is set up every morning in front of my bedroom window complete with my trusty Rose Quartz, a tealight which sits inside my pink Himalayan salt candle holder and seashells to represent Aphrodite, whom reminds us that every woman is beautiful and worthy of self-love.

I also have an Aphrodite Altar on a large bookshelf in the Feng Shui Relationship Corner of my bedroom, adorned with her various images, rose petals, pink candles, and turtle doves to represent faithful love.


We are in the second week of my 28 Days of Love project and I’m proud to report a deeper appreciation for all the love in my life. It’s helped me keep my head up through some shadow work, which has become quite dark.

I haven’t had to deal with my negative body image issues for years, because well- for years my body was super thin due to anxiety-related gastrointestinal issues. Now that I’m healthy again, I’ve gained weight in areas I’m not used to.

I’m by no means over-weight but I’ve come to feel incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin. So with my Aphrodite Meditations and Rose Quartz Healing, I’m hoping to change that mindset & appreciate my more womanly hips and thighs, repeating Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman over and over in my head.

Are you participating in 28 Days of Love? If so, what have you been doing to love yourself more? Have you discovered something new about yourself or had to face any shadows along the way?

Leave a reply and let me know!

Blessed Be, lovelies!


The Snow Orchid Witch

3 replies on “A Witches Beauty Altar”

I think the biggest thing would be to discover what the spirit of Venus means to you. Everyone’s experience is different and intimately personal. Research, study, journal, meditate, dedicate an entire month to channeling Venus energy and note any interesting events, dreams, personal correspondences, etc. Study the planet Venus. Look for Venus in pop culture, literature, movies, TV, etc. Create an altar to Venus based on your personal correspondences and spend a little time there every day. Introduce yourself to her. Ask her for guidance and signs. The beauty of witchcraft is there is no right or wrong way to practice. Follow your intuition and Venus will meet you halfway. xoxo 💕

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