Practical Magick

Makeup Magick: The Art of Beauty Alchemy

The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. –Audrey Hepburn

I love practical magick!

No, I’m not talking about the movie- although, what witch doesn’t love Sally & Gilly Owens. Am I right?

By practical magick, I mean the type of magick we do in our day-to-day lives in practical ways, such as the act of enchanting our morning cup of coffee with a specific purpose or drawing sigils on the bottom of our shoes for magickal support with every step we take.

My favorite form of practical magick is Makeup Magick, otherwise known as Beauty Alchemy. The very definition of alchemy is- a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

In some ways, beauty gurus and makeup artists could be seen as beauty alchemists because they understand makeup truly is an art of transformation.

However we witches know just how to take it a few steps further!


Everything done during a Beauty Ritual can have deep spiritual significance through the power of symbolism and intention-setting.

These are few of the ways I’ve blended magick into my morning makeup routine.


As you wash your skin of any residual dirt and debris, visualize the water washing away spiritual debris as well. Let it cleanse you of any negative thoughts or emotions. My skin tonic contains antioxidant-rich white tea which offers magickal properties such as purification, protection and blessings of new beginnings. As I’ve gotten older, my skin has become quite dry so I’m more drawn to face oils for hydration. My face oil has a blend of almond, sunflower and safflower oils. Almonds are great for wisdom & prosperity, sunflower helps build a healthy ego and safflower aids in psychic development. If I have a crucial day ahead of me, I sometimes use the oil to draw a sigil or rune on my forehead, anointing myself with its specific power.


As I stipple liquid foundation onto my skin, I think about my inner foundation of love and grace. Without a solid foundation within, the most beautiful person in the world could crumble under the pressures of outside criticism. It’s important to solidify what’s of true value because you may come across people throughout the day who see your beauty and look for ways to diminish it.


No one’s perfect. Everyone has those annoying little flaws to deal with- dark circles, uneven skin tone, blemishes, etc. But the imperfections don’t stop at the skin’s surface. We all have those inner demons we try to hide- jealousy, laziness, anger, self-hate. That’s what makes us human and it’s important to remember our shadow selves make us who we are. So I don’t ignore mine or deny their existence, but I try not to let them consume me either. As I apply the concealer to my outer flaws, I take the time to acknowledge the flaws with me… then blend, blend, blend them bitches away! 😉


Typically powder is used to set our base makeup, preventing it from smudging and budging throughout the day. But as we set our powder we can also set our intentions for the day ahead. As you whirl your face brush over your powder, visualize picking up all the energy and vibrations you’ll need to accomplish your goals. As you tap of the excess, see yourself honing the right balance of those vibrations. Then finally as you sweep the powder across your face, look yourself in the eye and make a silent promise to not budge on those goals.


Eyeshadow allows you to use color magick in so many different and fun ways.

Play with some cool blue eyeshadow to experience inner harmony and peace.

Get mysterious with plum or purple hues and open yourself to new psychic & magickal abilities.

Need a little money in your life? Try various shades of green and connect with Mother’s Earth’s abundance.

Feeling frisky? Play with flirty pink shadows and awaken your inner sex-kitten.

Sometimes I dot a bit of gold to my tear duct and call upon the God for success and confidence. If I need to feel the Goddess’s energies, I can apply champagne or silver eyeshadow to highlight my inner-eye instead.

If I know I’m going to be interacting with some unpleasant people that day, I can apply a black smoky eye to ward off their negativity- not to mention, walk in that joint lookin’ like a badass witch!

If you’re like me and typically opt for more neutral tones like browns, re-establish your own color associations- it’s all about intent!


Here are a few other ideas to make more out of your beauty products:

Bronzer for the happy, confidant energies of the Sun.

Highlighter to highlight your inner sparkle and showcase your best qualities.

Blush to tap into your fun, sensual side.

Eyeliner & Mascara to protect yourself from mal de ojo or the Evil Eye.

Lipgloss & Lipstick to make your words shine and really resonate well with those you speak to.


A Beauty Ritual can be done every Friday or on the full moon to enchant your cosmetics with power.

Light I pink candle on your Beauty Altar and lay out all of your products. Begin by grounding and centering yourself, maybe with an Aphrodite or Hathor Meditation. Feel your personal vibrations growing, connecting with your Divine Femininity and when you’re ready, push your intention into each item one by one.

Want even more power? Craft a magickal Beauty Oil to anoint your makeup bag or keep a special Beauty Sachet wherever you store your makeup.

How do you put magick into your Beauty Routine? Let me know!

Blessed Be, gorgeous witches!


The Snow Orchid Witch

3 replies on “Makeup Magick: The Art of Beauty Alchemy”

This is seriously one of my favorite witchy posts I’ve ever read! Not even kidding. Your level of detail is impeccable and so many great ideas! I actually have a post on spells using beauty products in my own pipeline to post in a few weeks – thanks for the further inspiration!

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