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Spring Awakenings: Season of New Beginnings

Spring is coming! Can you feel it?

In Texas, Spring is pretty much a more endurable Summer. However, I have noticed most of the pivotal changes in my life happen in the Spring.

Leases are signed, major decisions are made, new habits are formed, etc. There’s a feeling of transitional newness in the air. It’s exciting yet kinda scary, coming from someone who has a hard time with change.

Last year the change was desperately needed. My body was practically screaming at me for change- to uproot my entire life and dive into the deep end of the unknown. Tired and terrified, I did. And all I can say is, the Spring has my back.

Now that I’m in a much better place, I feel another transition coming. My hibernation period is coming to an end. Being a Cancerian, my inner-crab would love to just hide out in my shell for the rest of my life. No one can hurt me inside these walls.

But I can feel the Spring nudging me once again.

 Lately, I’ve been having reoccurring dreams of lions. The first was unusually threatening with a seemingly harmless stuffed lion whose eyes suddenly began to glow a bright red as he hostilely snarls at me. However, last night the lion was large, pink and glorious, flowing in the wind as if it was made of feathers. I felt at peace as I gazed upon this Lion- there was no more fear.

When I looked at my Moon Chart in my Pagan Bullet Journal, I saw that the moon was transitioning into Leo. Furthermore, Lion symbolism reveals a sense of authority, courage & strength, while feathers indicate new beginnings and an evolution of the soul.

 I think the Spring is telling me to have courage, regain authority of my life, get back out there and take risks so I can move on to my next phase.

Spring Tea

Last Spring my crops were in the process of rotation. The soil within me is no longer barren. Tiny buds are beginning to sprout. The beautiful colors are coming back and I’ve got a Lion inside who walks beside me every step of the way.

What does the Spring mean to you? Let me know!

Blessed Be.


The Snow Orchid Witch

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