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Plan with a Witch: Witchy Bullet Journal Moon Tracker

I admit it. I’m not much of a spontaneous witch. I found that the spontaneous spells I performed in the past either didn’t work or yielded erratic results. I find success in planning, preparing and clearly focusing on my intentions before doing any type of spell work.

As a Cancerian, I have strong magickal ties to the Moon. In fact, She is a major component in my witchy planning process. I follow her phases, which astrological signs she’s in and the times of the month that she is Void-of-Course.

Moon Tracker flatlay

I created a Moon Tracker layout in my Witchy Bullet Journal for quick & easy referencing. At the end of every month, I make a new Moon Tracker on a two-page spread for the month ahead.

Month At A Glance

On the left page, I title the header Month At-A-Glance. This page will have a vertical calendar of the days of the month where I can write down major events like Esbats & Sabbats. I start by writing the dates in a column on the far left hand side of the page. Next to each date I write the first letter of the day of the week to more easily distinguish each particular day.

Moon Tracker Left Page

If you like the more traditional calendar look, you can also use a Monthly Planner and use different washi tape to mark these major dates. I use a sparkly gold tape for Sabbats, a matte silver tape for New Moons & a sparkly silver washi tape for Esbats.

Monthly Moon Chart

On the right page, I title the header Moon Chart. This is where I will track the Moon’s astrological signs and Void-of-Course periods. I begin by writing the dates in a vertical column on the far left hand side of the page. I then write the hours of the day in a row, underneath the header and right above the vertical column of dates.

Moon Tracker Right Page

Void-of-Course Periods

To find the Void-of-Course periods, I refer to my Llewellyn’s Witches Datebook 2017 and convert the times from Eastern to my time zone. On the Month-At-A-Glance page, I make a vertical line down the right-hand side leaving enough room to jot down the specific time of each Void-of-Course period for every day. I write the quarters of the moon in this area as well.

Moon Tracker Void of Course

Once I’ve written down the specific times for the Void-of-Course periods, I mark out these time blocks in a red pen on my Moon Chart. If the VoC period begins in the middle of the hour, I mark a slash through the block. If it takes up the whole hour, I mark an X through the entire block.

Before performing any magick, I refer to this page. Personally, I don’t like performing spells on a Void-of-Course period. It’s like when you’re tuning the radio and keep picking up static. I choose to simply wait until the signal is clear and the Moon is in a new astrological sign. I also don’t like to sign contracts, make large purchases or schedule any major meeting during a VoC period if at all possible. I want my radio station nice and clear for those types of events as well.

Moon Tracker Chart

Once I’m done marking out these periods, I write the astrological sign the Moon has entered after being VoC. This is a great way to plan and utilize Her varying energies throughout the month to better enhance your magick, depending on your spell’s specific purpose.

I also use this tracker to plan out my mundane activities as well. I like to start a new lifestyle change during the New Moon and use the VoC time periods to either relax, meditate or do a little studying.

How do you track the Moon? Let me know!


The Snow Orchid Witch

5 replies on “Plan with a Witch: Witchy Bullet Journal Moon Tracker”

This is so gorgeous! Every time I’ve tried to keep a bullet journal I’ve gotten frustrated with my awful handwriting and lack of artistic ability, but this makes me want to try again ❤

Oh, trust me- as a perfectionist, I’ve wanted to rip my hair out when I mess up on a page. But I learned one very important BuJo lesson- if you mess up, find a creative way to cover it up like taping a pretty picture over it or using cute stickers. If all else fails, simply pretend the page never existed and move on the next one. 😉 Thanks for reading, love!

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