The Collegiate Witch

The Collegiate Witch

In my Redesigning My Books of Shadows post, I talked about getting back to basics with my practice, rediscovering the fundamentals of magick and carving out my own unique perspective on the Craft, which will then be archived in my new grimoire.

The Collegiate Witch Series showcases my own academic style of studying magick- my very own Hogwarts, so to speak.

As a high school and college student, I was always a very organized learner with neat, structured color-coordinated notes- very Virgo of me.

The only problem is- magick as a whole, isn’t very structured. One aspect leads to another, then another, then another and overtime it can feel overwhelming trying to keep up with all the information and various perspectives.

To keep myself focused amidst the avalanche of knowledge, I developed my own Lesson Plans outlining each subject with specific objectives, topics, assignments, activities, term papers and final exams.

Here are a few tips on creating your own magickal Lesson Plans.

  1. Make a Brain Dump of all the magickal subjects you’d like to study and your objectives for each subject.
  2. Class Orientation- Before creating your Lesson Plans, read a few short internet articles or watch some quick YouTube videos on each subject to get a taste of its general themes, concepts and topics.
  3. Decide which topics you’d like to focus on and list any others subtopics you’d like to explore as well.
  4. Create assignments and activities that will help foster and develop your knowledge of the subject matter.
  5. Choose your own professors & philosophers. Check out the wonderful array of witches on YouTube and sit down for a lecture, lesson or tutorial.
  6. Write a term paper culminating your knowledge and your specific perspective on the subject matter.
  7. As your Final Exam, create a Grimoire page using your term paper as literary content and design imagery or page crafts to represent the subject’s theme.

Creative Learning

As most of us already know, the left side of the brain governs our logical intellectual side while the right side manages our more creative, artistic side. Both are equally as important as the other and when I study magick, I personally like to keep a happy balance between the two. This consists of not only written assignments but also creative activities which allow me to view the subject matter in new, interesting and artistic ways.

Studying with the Mind, Body & Soul

In my practice, I thrive to achieve balance and equilibrium physically, mentally and spiritually in order to evolve, not only as a witch but also as a human being. I also like to keep this balancing principle in mind with my magickal studies as well.

Along with my book and internet studies, which stimulate my intellect- I enjoy taking my schooling outside the “classroom” and into the physical world. Just like a pre-med student takes their studies from the library, into labs and eventually begin working in hospitals- I prefer to “get my hands dirty” with my magickal education by physically working with my subject matter.

Intuitive Learning

I’ve also learned how to practice Intuitive Learning which caters to my spiritual understanding of the subject matter. While sifting through the abundance of information available, I’ll sometimes come across conflicting ideas or principles- which is to be expected in magick. Every practitioner is different and they each have their own specific viewpoints. There is no clear right or wrong in magick- the exception is, however, certain spiritual traditions which deserve the respect of practicing in reverence to its true particular roots.

The trick to Intuitive Learning is listening to your intuition- the voice within that viscerally reacts to information or perspectives that truly resonates with your spirit and aligns with your personal belief systems. Absorb what feels right and adjust or leave behind what doesn’t.

Follow me on this magickal academic journey and leave me a reply, letting me know how you choose to study your Craft.

Happy Studying, witches!


The Snow Orchid Witch

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