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The Collegiate Witch: What I’ve Learned in my Element Studies

My study of the elements hasn’t exactly gone as planned.

I intended on beginning my studies with earth and work my way through to air, fire, water, and then spirit. But I’ve learned when it comes to spirituality and studying with my intuition, sometimes your magickal academic agenda needs a little wiggle-room.

My first day of Earth Study was fantastic. I enjoyed some quiet book study at my desk with a warm cup of coffee, scoured the internet for more information and re-watched some of my favorite YouTube videos about earth magick. I then spent a nice afternoon connecting with my natural surroundings. Just outside my apartment I have a sliver of earth between my patio and the wooden patio gate, which is covered in rocks of all shapes and sizes, and contains a few unusual hidden treasures as well like buried gemstones and tiny seashells- which is quite odd considering I live in a city that is not at all close to the sea.

I put my bare feet on the big slabs of rock and grounded myself with its solid, ancient wisdom. I ran my hands over the smaller rocks, feeling their different textures and formations. And inspired by Avalon Cameron, I created a small Earth Mandala on one of the larger stones. If you’ve never done this before, I highly recommend it! This can be done with rocks, flowers, crystals, sea shells, etc. When I was done I just sat with it for a while, allowing its energies to activate and enjoying the powerful sense of calm and Zen it radiated.

The next day, I expected more of that beautiful earthy energy to pull me in and further explore my personal connections with it. But to my unfortunate surprise, I was uninspired. I didn’t understand it. Why didn’t I feel what I had felt the day before? Why did I all of a sudden feel stuck?

Rather than dwell on it, I moved on to the next element. But just as before, I felt nothing. Without even thinking about it, I skipped fire and went straight to water. After all, I am a water sign. But that spark of interest quickly fizzled and I was back to where I started. Finally I decided to look at my life for elemental correlations. What was I noticing? What signs had I been ignoring?

Finally, it hit me- fire! The signs were there. The hot summer season screamed fire, my sudden desire to change my hair color from blonde to fire red, my Litha fire magick which burned strangely ferociously in my cauldron. It was right there in front of me. All this time- I needed to connect with fire.

Once I really thought about it, I realized I relied heavily on the security of my moon sign’s earth energy and the intellectual prowess of my rising sign’s air energy. Admittedly, I tend to ignore the deep seeded emotions of water energy considering I’m a Cancerian- whom are notorious in the astrology-world for being overly sensitive.

But although I consciously ignored water, I subconsciously overlooked fire- which in my opinion is more problematic. I’ve never considered myself a fiery individual- full of burning passion, expression and courage. I see that energy in friends, family, pop culture archetypes- but never once have I attributed this energy to myself.

So I began further exploring this revelation of fire-rejection and journaled my thoughts and feelings about it. Soon I discovered my lack of fire fed my self-esteem issues, which fed my anxiety, which diminished my passion and once-thriving sexuality. To avoid the feeling of insecurity out in public, I became a hermit. Okay, I’ve always been a hermit- but when my self-esteem took a hit, I became an even bigger one!

I had an imbalance in my elements. My earthy security blanket nearly snuffed out the fire within. I began to understand my elements worked like see-saws. If one element was down, the opposite element would rise. Ignoring water and overlooking fire, allowed earth and air to reign over my spirituality and psyche. The key to it all, was finding balance between the four.

In my next post, I will share how I finally connected with my inner flame and how I used my Astral Realm to do so. Until then, let me know what elements do you connect with and which do you overlook? How do you find more balance between them?

And if you’re participating in The Collegiate Witch Series, feel free to join my private The Collegiate Witch Study Group on Facebook, where witches can share their learning experiences & study methods in an open, non-judgmental environment! Hope to see you there!

Happy Studying, witches!


The Snow Orchid Witch

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