Summer 2019 Eclipse and a Mercury Retrograde Survive & Thrive Guide

Let’s call it like it is.

Eclipse season & retrogrades can be hard. We can try to spin it into a more optimistic light in order to look forward to our summer versus dreading it- but that is only after we’ve researched these planetary influences & begin to understand how to work the energies they provide.

Unfortunately these ground-shaking, uncomfortable energies have already hit my home. Without getting into the details, we’re having to hit the reset button on our lives in a very big, transformative way. And now that I’ve taken the time to feel the temperature of the cosmos, it all makes perfect planetary-sense specifically when looking at Saturn & Pluto Retrograde.

Saturn, ruling stability & foundations and Pluto, ruling death & transformation- what was deemed structurally weak & not supportive of our long-term goals has been destroyed. Makes sense. Not so subtle hints were dropped by the Universe time and time again months leading up to this, but fear of change & the unknown kept us from making a move. The Universe does not like to be ignored. It wants the best for us. And when we don’t listen, it tends to bitch-slap us… cosmically speaking.

Then of course- we’ve got the Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd- which adds a whole other layer of flavor to the summer and the next six months for that matter. With Cancer ruling the home, security, family and protection- this is the time to evaluate what exactly makes you feel safe & secure. Solar Eclipses are essentially New Moons x 10, which makes this is the ultimate time for new beginnings. And with most new beginnings, there’s a learning curve. Set your intentions for what you desire but be willing to roll with the punches.

Just to keep this summer extra spicy, on July 7th Mercury will be going Retrograde in Leo. We all know the drill with Mercury Retrograde- don’t sign major contracts, expect travel hiccups, back-up all your data, mind your communication, etc. But with Mercury Retrograde in Leo, I’m keeping a close eye on my ego & pride especially because my natal Mercury is also in Leo. I’m going to focus on listening more versus talking too much and saying something I can’t take back. Sometimes I secretly enjoy retrogrades because it’s a time to go inward & reflect. As a proud hermit, I can use this time to go over my Re’s.

  • Review my year so far and strategize a plan to conquer the remainder of the year.
  • Re-evaluate my goals. Are they any different from what they were at the beginning of 2019?
  • Redecorate my apartment. Cancer season focuses on the home so this is a great time to do some sprucing. Does the energy flow well? If not, maybe it’s time to check in on your feng shui.
  • Research something I’ve wanted to understand better. Talk less. Read more. Absorb the knowledge so I can execute what I’ve learned when Mercury goes direct.
  • Reflect on my blessings. Gratitude is so comforting during difficult times and it attracts more positive vibrations into your life rather than wallowing in the struggles.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th reveals those unsavory influences in our lives- whether it be people, bad habits, mindsets, etc. And with the Sun in Cancer sitting opposite of this Blood Moon, I’m expecting this discovery to be an emotional revelation. Capricorn rules the 10th house which represents material success, your public persona and how you’re perceived by the world on an ultimate scale. So this is the time to purge any toxic influences in your life and focus on the actions you could take to work on your legacy.

So now that we know what to “expect” (lol because eclipses and retrogrades are so unpredictable)- we can move forward with the cozy comfort blanket part of this guide.

What are some things we can do to really thrive this summer?

Reset the Altar

The latest video on my YouTube channel showcases my motto for the summer- simplicity. I cleared away any unnecessary altar pieces and strategically selected only a few artifacts to focus on. Bright greenery makes me happy and it represents new growth. Succulents can endure the harshest of climates which is perfectly suited for an eclipse-season altar. Lemons for happiness & purification. Offerings for my deities whom I will lean on for support, protection and a dash of playful energy- I mean, it’s summer after all. This is a time for play. And of course, my trusty bullet journal which is my source of mental clarity.

Bullet Journal Clarity & Focus

Speaking of my bullet journal- I am a big believer in a good Brain Dump but this is true now more than ever. Eclipse season is known for the confusion it can bring, not to mention good ol’ Mercury Retrogrades trickster personality. In order to maintain clarity, make a list of everything that’s in your brain- from work to home and everything in between. Then you can break it down into groups, which can then be broken down into smaller actionable tasks. Highlight deadlines on your calendar. Check your to-do lists every day. Try not to let anything fall through the cracks and focus on your goals.

Ground & Center Daily

I like to ground & center on a daily basis as it is, but this summer I’ll be focusing on adding gratitude into the mix. We have so much to be thankful for and a daily reminder will be an invaluable support system during this roller-coaster ride. I will also begin to add new ways of grounding & centering that are more playful and energetic like taking walks, dancing, getting out into nature, etc.

Summer Bucket List

And lastly, instead of worrying the retrogrades & eclipse season- I will find ways to truly enjoy my summer. Although I’ve openly admitted to hating the summer due to the grueling Texas heat- I’ve created list of Summer Favorites to help enjoy this season in its entirety.

Coconut Er’thang!

Whether it’s coconut oil to makes my skin glow, coconut milk to drink in mango pineapple smoothies or my favorite Coconut Tanning Water from Minetan– I absolutely, positively adore COCONUT! It is my signature scent of the summer and I’m perfectly comfortable with how basic-bitch that statement is.

Summer Spookies

We’ve had an unusual amount of thunderstorms hit Texas recently which birthed my idea for #summerspookies. One night during a severe lightning storm, I got in the mood for lowlight, popcorn & scary movies. Why wait for October for all things spook? And with all the new scary movies coming out this summer- it’s a no-brainer!

Beach Birthday Vacation

It’s an annual trip to the beach for my birthday and I’m always so excited for it! I can’t wait to pack up my obnoxious surplus of bikins, sunbathe with the hubs and drink pina coladas. This year I’ve decided to give the beach a lil’ Cancerian Water-Baby love by picking up the trash along the beach. If you take any trips to the beach this summer and would like to join me, grab a reusable bag and help keep the ocean & the coastline clean. It’s a small act but if more people do it and make more conscious earth-friendly decisions in their life, we can begin to turn things around. And if you’re not heading to the beach, visit 4ocean for more information on the global movement that is actively removing trash from the ocean one pound at a time.

I hope you have a beautiful, safe and carefree summer but if you hit any bumps in the road, just remember these roadblocks are put there for a reason and it’s usually meant to shift you into the direction of your truest happiness.

Happy Eclipse Season, y’all!



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