Pagan Planning

Twenty-Twenty Resolutions for My Craft

Twenty-Twenty is such a satisfying number. It feels well-rounded, like everything is gonna come full circle and take us to exactly where we need to be in order to ascend into our best selves.

In fact, my Word of the Year is Ascension.

the act of rising to an important position or a higher level.

I’m raising my life to a higher level in all aspects- my health, my mind, my career and of course my spirituality.

I’m closing the chapter on the Twenty-Teens of my magick and entering the Twenty-Twenties with a stronger sense of who I am as a witch. I’m leaving behind thought patterns which may work for other witches but doesn’t have a place in my practice currently.

Beeswax Candles

Color magick was once a staple in my practice. I view it as a mental trigger, focusing the mind on its association and helping to ground one’s intention when casting a spell. One of the most popular ways of using color magick is with our candles. But something has always bothered me about leaving a pile of synthetic dye in the ground. Of course I could opt to buy naturally-dyed candles or create them myself, but this year I’m setting aside color associations with my candle magick and only using beeswax candles for spells. This could seem expensive because- let’s face it, beeswax candles aren’t cheap, especially beeswax candles made from small businesses that focus on sustainable, ethical beekeeping. However limiting how often I reach for my candles, not only makes them feel more special and honors the hard work the honey bees put into the wax but it also allows me to venture out of my magickal comfort zone… which leads me to my next resolution.  

Explore Magick Beyond Candle Magick

If I were to be super honest, I’d say I was a bit of a lazy witch. I don’t go for long, complicated spells, rituals or ingredients. If I do a spell, I want quick results and for a busy woman with an exhausting full-time job- that means candle magick. But in an effort to broaden my magickal skill set in 2020, I’m going to be more selective with my candles and dedicate more time and effort to my spells beyond what’s “easy”. Not because I see easy magick as less powerful, but because I need to grow as a witch. I need to ascend and raise my magick to the next level.

Minimizing Waste in Magick

I’m not going to pretend that I am perfect at an eco-conscious, sustainable lifestyle but I can say I am trying. Limiting candle magick and venturing beyond the flame so-to-speak, means no more bulk tea lights. Although the aluminum tins can be recycled, the better alternative is to reduce any type of waste altogether by using glass tea light holders and making my own tea lights, if I so choose. Another way I plan to minimize waste is by eating and drinking my offerings. Taboo subject- I know, but I never understood why I couldn’t. I suppose I read it in some book or a blog and just took it as a basic rule. But I’m not one to view deity as a divine source that is totally beyond or above me. I see deity as a divine source that is within me as well as without. To offer food or drink to the Gods and then to share in that offering by eating or drinking it, only further connects the divine to me. Furthermore, I’ve never felt good about “wasting food”. No judgement to those who choose to give their offerings back to nature but in 2020, any food offering I make to the Gods will coincide with a Divine Feast at my altar. In this way, I can become more connected to my food and the nourishment it brings to my body. In that connection I can find gratitude, a higher vibrational emotion which in itself is an offering to the Gods.

Altar Connection

Our connection to our altars are deeply personal. I view it as the home for my magick. It grounds my energy, my connection to the energies of the Universe and the doorway to my astral realm. But in 2019, I definitely didn’t spend enough time at my altar. And as an empath who works with the general public, I feel like I’m occasionally being siphoned by energy vampires. This year, regardless of my hectic schedule I need to restore myself at my altar daily. It’s a routine I’m looking forward to- a gentle, nurturing rhythm I’ve needed in my life. Lately I feel pulled in various directions. Someone always wants something from me… on their time… on their terms. But this- this sacred time is just for me.

What are your resolutions for your Craft? How do you want your practice to grow and evolve? Feel free to share below.

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