Summer 2019 Eclipse & Retrograde | Survive & Thrive Guide

Let’s call it like it is.

Eclipse season & retrogrades can be hard. We can try to spin it into a more optimistic light in order to look forward to our summer versus dreading it- but that is only after we’ve researched these planetary influences & begin to understand how to work the energies they provide.

Unfortunately these ground-shaking, uncomfortable energies have already hit my home. Without getting into the details, we’re having to hit the reset button on our lives in a very big, transformative way. And now that I’ve taken the time to feel the temperature of the cosmos, it all makes perfect planetary-sense specifically when looking at Saturn & Pluto Retrograde.

Saturn, ruling stability & foundations and Pluto, ruling death & transformation- what was deemed structurally weak & not supportive of our long-term goals has been destroyed. Makes sense. Not so subtle hints were dropped by the Universe time and time again months leading up to this, but fear of change & the unknown kept us from making a move. The Universe does not like to be ignored. It wants the best for us. And when we don’t listen, it tends to bitch-slap us… cosmically speaking.

Then of course- we’ve got the Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd- which adds a whole other layer of flavor to the summer and the next six months for that matter. With Cancer ruling the home, security, family and protection- this is the time to evaluate what exactly makes you feel safe & secure. Solar Eclipses are essentially New Moons x 10, which makes this is the ultimate time for new beginnings. And with most new beginnings, there’s a learning curve. Set your intentions for what you desire but be willing to roll with the punches.

Just to keep this summer extra spicy, on July 7th Mercury will be going Retrograde in Leo. We all know the drill with Mercury Retrograde- don’t sign major contracts, expect travel hiccups, back-up all your data, mind your communication, etc. But with Mercury Retrograde in Leo, I’m keeping a close eye on my ego & pride especially because my natal Mercury is also in Leo. I’m going to focus on listening more versus talking too much and saying something I can’t take back. Sometimes I secretly enjoy retrogrades because it’s a time to go inward & reflect. As a proud hermit, I can use this time to go over my Re’s.

  • Review my year so far and strategize a plan to conquer the remainder of the year.
  • Re-evaluate my goals. Are they any different from what they were at the beginning of 2019?
  • Redecorate my apartment. Cancer season focuses on the home so this is a great time to do some sprucing. Does the energy flow well? If not, maybe it’s time to check in on your feng shui.
  • Research something I’ve wanted to understand better. Talk less. Read more. Absorb the knowledge so I can execute what I’ve learned when Mercury goes direct.
  • Reflect on my blessings. Gratitude is so comforting during difficult times and it attracts more positive vibrations into your life rather than wallowing in the struggles.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th reveals those unsavory influences in our lives- whether it be people, bad habits, mindsets, etc. And with the Sun in Cancer sitting opposite of this Blood Moon, I’m expecting this discovery to be an emotional revelation. Capricorn rules the 10th house which represents material success, your public persona and how you’re perceived by the world on an ultimate scale. So this is the time to purge any toxic influences in your life and focus on the actions you could take to work on your legacy.

So now that we know what to “expect” (lol because eclipses and retrogrades are so unpredictable)- we can move forward with the cozy comfort blanket part of this guide.

What are some things we can do to really thrive this summer?

Reset the Altar

The latest video on my YouTube channel showcases my motto for the summer- simplicity. I cleared away any unnecessary altar pieces and strategically selected only a few artifacts to focus on. Bright greenery makes me happy and it represents new growth. Succulents can endure the harshest of climates which is perfectly suited for an eclipse-season altar. Lemons for happiness & purification. Offerings for my deities whom I will lean on for support, protection and a dash of playful energy- I mean, it’s summer after all. This is a time for play. And of course, my trusty bullet journal which is my source of mental clarity.

Bullet Journal Clarity & Focus

Speaking of my bullet journal- I am a big believer in a good Brain Dump but this is true now more than ever. Eclipse season is known for the confusion it can bring, not to mention good ol’ Mercury Retrogrades trickster personality. In order to maintain clarity, make a list of everything that’s in your brain- from work to home and everything in between. Then you can break it down into groups, which can then be broken down into smaller actionable tasks. Highlight deadlines on your calendar. Check your to-do lists every day. Try not to let anything fall through the cracks and focus on your goals.

Ground & Center Daily

I like to ground & center on a daily basis as it is, but this summer I’ll be focusing on adding gratitude into the mix. We have so much to be thankful for and a daily reminder will be an invaluable support system during this roller-coaster ride. I will also begin to add new ways of grounding & centering that are more playful and energetic like taking walks, dancing, getting out into nature, etc.

Summer Bucket List

And lastly, instead of worrying the retrogrades & eclipse season- I will find ways to truly enjoy my summer. Although I’ve openly admitted to hating the summer due to the grueling Texas heat- I’ve created list of Summer Favorites to help enjoy this season in its entirety.

Coconut Er’thang!

Whether it’s coconut oil to makes my skin glow, coconut milk to drink in mango pineapple smoothies or my favorite Coconut Tanning Water from Minetan– I absolutely, positively adore COCONUT! It is my signature scent of the summer and I’m perfectly comfortable with how basic-bitch that statement is.

Summer Spookies

We’ve had an unusual amount of thunderstorms hit Texas recently which birthed my idea for #summerspookies. One night during a severe lightning storm, I got in the mood for lowlight, popcorn & scary movies. Why wait for October for all things spook? And with all the new scary movies coming out this summer- it’s a no-brainer!

Beach Birthday Vacation

It’s an annual trip to the beach for my birthday and I’m always so excited for it! I can’t wait to pack up my obnoxious surplus of bikins, sunbathe with the hubs and drink pina coladas. This year I’ve decided to give the beach a lil’ Cancerian Water-Baby love by picking up the trash along the beach. If you take any trips to the beach this summer and would like to join me, grab a reusable bag and help keep the ocean & the coastline clean. It’s a small act but if more people do it and make more conscious earth-friendly decisions in their life, we can begin to turn things around. And if you’re not heading to the beach, visit 4ocean for more information on the global movement that is actively removing trash from the ocean one pound at a time.

I hope you have a beautiful, safe and carefree summer but if you hit any bumps in the road, just remember these roadblocks are put there for a reason and it’s usually meant to shift you into the direction of your truest happiness.

Happy Eclipse Season, y’all!



The Collegiate Witch: Planetary Study

This has been a crazy year… cosmically speaking. With so many retrogrades, eclipses and destiny-sculpting trines… I’m definitely glad I chose this year to focus on my planetary study.

I dove into this type of study the same way I reacquainted myself with the elements.

Books, books, books, internet and books.

And just like before, traditional study laid down a framework for my perspective on the subject matter. But it wasn’t until I sat with it and began to apply the planets to my life, when I found my personal correspondences with them.

The Cosmos & Me

I’m a very visual person. I’m all about the mood boards & vision boards. Inspiration & visualizations are part of my daily morning practice. So it came as no surprise when I began using Pinterest in my studies.

I looked at the energies of each and every planet through my eyes and my eyes only.

How does the sun actually make feel? Well… it depends. In the literal sense, I hate too much sun. The summertime blues is a real thing in Texas. The heat is no joke. But in the wintertime, the morning sun is a warm blanket. It’s healing. It’s gentle like a kiss on the forehead. And of course as a hard-shelled Cancerian, my favorite kind of sun- is a hidden sun, shrouded in the darkness behind gloomy rain clouds.

So when I put a metaphorical spin on these conclusions, I realized the sun is equivalent to a spotlight. If I get too much attention I get overheated, uncomfortable and nervous… its almost suffocating. On the other hand, being recognized for my authenticity and feeling confident in my talents makes me feel like I’m sunbathing in the morning sun. And funny enough, I feel the most comfortable when I’m not seen at all. I can sit safely behind the clouds and be perfectly content.

If you look at my Sun section in my Pinterest board called The Cosmos & Me, you’d find a lot of voyeuristic window photos & Hollywood themes. I feel the Sun represents what we choose to show to the world. It’s our ego, our self expression.. it’s social media- the keyhole into our lives, the glossiest version of ourselves. It’s our ego and our light. And it is also the perfect dartboard for bottom-dwellers to target and try to tarnish. Or at least, that is my interpretation.

Feel free to check out my Pinterest page for a lil’ visual peak at my personal correspondences for the planets. But better yet, try making one for yourself before you check mine out. Don’t let my perspective shift yours.

Get raw. Get personal. Get creative. These are your correspondences and yours alone. Have fun with it!

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out this blog! I truly appreciate all those who appreciate my voice. I’m so sorry for my inconsistency on this blog. It’s definitely a work in progress.

For more Planetary Study inspo, check out my latest YouTube video in The Collegiate Witch Series.

Happy Studying!



Plan with a Witch | 2018 Bullet Journal Layout for Witches

Hello again! Longtime no see. Forgive my absence, 2017 was a bit of a whirlwind for me- in the best way possible.

Last year I started a YouTube channel and met some amazing witches whom I now call my friends. Sharing my practice with others is something I’d never done before. For 18 years, my magick and spirituality was absolutely, 100% a solo endeavor- and I never thought that would ever change. But the intimate conversations I’ve had discussing witchcraft & alchemy from so many varying viewpoints are some of the best conversations I’ve ever had in my life.

But in a witch’s life, with the magick also comes the responsibilities of the mundane. Last year, I also started a new job which has been such a blessing to my life but at the same time, it’s taken a lot of my attention and energy away from not only my blog & YouTube channel, but also my practice as a whole.

Now in 2018 I’m hoping to find my rhythm again. And what better way to ensure witchy-productivity than to plan?

My favorite way to plan is with a bullet journal. It’s customizable to every aspect of your life, and as a witch it allows you to personalize your layouts to reflect your practice and specific areas of focus.

My witchy bullet journal begins like any other bullet journal- a key, an index and my goals for the year or specific months ahead. But as you begin flipping through the pages, you’ll see the different layouts I’ll be using to develop my practice in 2018.

Brain Dump

I love a good Brain Dump. It’s like the mind’s junk drawer. Things that have yet to be sorted, but are too important to be forgotten. They don’t go in any specific order- it’s just the things that you’ve been meaning to tackle but haven’t scheduled out into actionable steps yet. I find doing this is a big stress-reliever. I can spend hours awake at night going through my mental list of to-do’s and projects, but if I get it down on paper my anxiety lightens, my head clears and I’m ready to put my plans into motion.

Sabbat Bucket List

We all have activities and crafts we want to enjoy during the holidays. As a witch, the sabbats can be whatever you make of them. They can be a day of rest and reflection or they can be dedicated to crafts and ritual. And as a lover of Pinterest, I especially adore the beautiful witchy lifestyle pins. There are some fantastic ideas for celebrating the sabbats shared amongst witches from across the world. Sometimes it can be a bit of a rabbit hole and I’ll spend an entire day pinning away. My Sabbat Bucket List takes me out of the rabbit hole and puts my favorite pins into actions.

Monthly Moon Charts

My favorite spreads are my Moon Charts. I follow the moon very closely, not only focusing on the full & new moons but also tracking my mental, physical and emotional reactions to its astrological influencers and when the moon is void-of-course. Doing this allows me to plan certain activities on days with high energy astrological influences and times of rest when the moon is in transition.

Vision Pages

My Vision Pages are like smaller versions of vision boards. Much like a brain dump, I let it spill all over the pages in no specific pattern. But instead of dumping my to-do’s, I doodle and write key words that reflect what I want my life to be. I have a two-page spread for the year and one-page spreads for the months.

Year Ahead Spread

I have a love-hate relationship with Year Ahead Spreads. Sometimes I can pull a spread which hints to a year of certain struggle that’ll just completely deflate me. But then I’ll remember that the cards are warnings- something to keep an eye out for; a way to get ahead of the “struggle” and steer into a better direction.

Witchy Wish List

I’m not one to buy expensive tools and witchy supplies. Frugality is a trait I get from my dad. But also, to me part of the fun is hunting for good deals and unique witchy finds. However, occasionally I’ll find myself wishing for a certain tool or herb and as the frugal planner-witch I am- I prefer to make a list of my witchy lusts and budget them out accordingly.

Herbal Inventory

In the preliminary spell-crafing stage, I like to take stock of what herbs I have available and create a spell based on those herbs. An inventory list complete with their magickal correspondences makes spell-crafting 10x easier. It also allows me to keep track of how much I have on hand and when I need to make my magickal grocery list in order to restock.

Concoction Tracker & Spell Tracker

Almost as important as the spell itself, is keeping track of it. Not only when the concoction or spell was completed but how often you feed it as well any results which have begun to manifest.

Spirit Guide Messages

If you believe in signs, omens and symbolism, it can be incredibly fulfilling to jot them down and connect the dots. Sometimes the Universe sends hints in the form of animal symbolism, beautiful coincidences or magnificent dreams. This layout is just for those magickal occurrences of spirit.

Magickal Morning Routine

Last year I also wrote about my long wonderful magickal morning routine, but as life seems to have sped up on me I’ve had to condense my routine quite a bit. In bullet journal form, I can use sticky notes for my ever-changing daily mantras, actions can be either a physical workout or just my major action plan for the day. My “ground and center” sticky notes reflect what I’m grateful for or  little reminders that bring me back to my center. And knowledge sticky notes list what I want to focus on for the day. The next page reveals my inspiration and creative visualizations. Sometimes my inspiration is a playlist of songs that inspire me to get into my work-mode and my creative visualization is a mental montage of the perfect work-day ahead.  Other times my inspiration is Claire Waverley- the main character of my favorite book; and my creative visualization is spending the day dedicating my time to my practice. It may not work for everyone, but it works for me.

Do you have a witchy planning system? If so, how do you keep your practice in order- or are you the kind of witch who forgoes order all together? Let me know!

Thanks for sticking around with me! Till next time…


The Snow Orchid Witch

Fire Dragon Meditation: Meet Your Dragon Spirit Guide

My study of fire has been very… illuminating- pun intended.

Reigniting the flame within, shined a light on everything I didn’t want to see. It exposed shadows I had long suppressed out of fear & sheer denial. It was- for lack of a better word- intense.

But how did I manage to reignite this inner-flame after years of neglecting it?

The answer was simple. Return to my Astral Realm and visit an old friend.

If you work with Dragon Energy, you may already know that a Mon-Tey is your personal draconic guardian and assists in your magick, works with your abilities and offers protection. Each and every soul is born with one and they have been with us through many, many lifetimes. When you first start working with your dragon you can refer to them as Mon-Tey, but when the time is right, you may give them their own name- just be sure to keep this name a secret for it is extremely personal.

So, how do you meet your Mon-Tey?

There are wonderful Dragon Meditations available online which can provide a foundation for your initial connection with them. However, the most spiritually fulfilling interaction I had with my dragon was through a meditation of my own design.

All of my meditations take place within my Astral Realm. Through these meditations, I discover more about my astral landscape and explore various aspects of my psyche through these journeys.

I created a grimoire page dedicated to my Fire Dragon Meditation, and although I don’t wish to share it due to its very personal nature, I did want to offer some tips on creating your own meditation in order to meet your very own Mon-Tey.

  1. Do you have an Astral Realm? Is there a place in your mind that you return to over and over again in meditations? What does it look like? Is it a forest? A valley? A desert?
  2. Tell yourself, you are on a journey to meet your Mon-Tey. Explore further within your Astral Realm in search of your Spirit Dragon. Where does your psyche take you? Look at the landscape around you. What does it look like? Follow your intuition. Where is it taking you?
  3. Take notice of your journey. Is it an arduous trek? Is it a nice, carefree stroll? Do you come across any beings along your way or is it a journey of complete solitude?
  4. You’ve come to your final destination. This is the home of your Spirit Dragon. Where are you? How does this place make you feel?
  5. Where is your Mon-Tey? Are they there to eagerly greet you or do you have to summon them? If so, how do you call out to them?
  6. Finally you see your dragon. Look at their size, shape & color down to the very last detail. How do they interact with you? What is their personality like?
  7. Listen to their wisdom. Do they have any messages or advice for you?
  8. Interact with your dragon. What do you choose to do? Play music? Dance? Laugh? Tell stories? Go for a ride on their back?
  9. Listen to your instincts. Give them the first name that comes to mind. Don’t be surprised if they give you your own draconic name.
  10. Find ways to connect with your Mon-Tey in the physical realm as well. Decorate your altar in their honor. Carry a special talisman dedicated to them. Create a chant to invoke their energy when you need it the most.

Meeting my Mon-Tey reignited my sacred flame. I felt a shift within me immediately. It was an intense mixture of high energy and overwhelming sadness. I felt extremely guilty for neglecting my sacred fire- a fire that needed to be stoked for my sake as well as my Mon-Tey’s.

In this process, I’ve also discovered my personal correspondences with fire. I tend to relate fire energy to the Ego. If the fire is too low, cold depression and low self-esteem soon follows. If the fire is too high, it consumes the mind with selfish & egocentric thoughts.

 And as with any light source, my now thriving flame revealed aspects of my shadow that I had pushed down and pretended didn’t exist. I could no longer hide from them anymore. Fire showed me the truth. And with the help of my Mon-Tey, I have the strength and courage I need to face my shadows head on.

I learned when it comes to Shadow Work, the elements of fire and water work hand in hand. Fire reveals the ugliness while water heals the pain. This next phase in my Elemental Studies will focus on the restorative energies of water and its powers of rebirth.

It’s about to be an emotional ride- and thus begins my work with Water.

Stay tuned.


The Snow Orchid Witch

The Collegiate Witch: What I’ve Learned in my Element Studies

My study of the elements hasn’t exactly gone as planned.

I intended on beginning my studies with earth and work my way through to air, fire, water, and then spirit. But I’ve learned when it comes to spirituality and studying with my intuition, sometimes your magickal academic agenda needs a little wiggle-room.

My first day of Earth Study was fantastic. I enjoyed some quiet book study at my desk with a warm cup of coffee, scoured the internet for more information and re-watched some of my favorite YouTube videos about earth magick. I then spent a nice afternoon connecting with my natural surroundings. Just outside my apartment I have a sliver of earth between my patio and the wooden patio gate, which is covered in rocks of all shapes and sizes, and contains a few unusual hidden treasures as well like buried gemstones and tiny seashells- which is quite odd considering I live in a city that is not at all close to the sea.

I put my bare feet on the big slabs of rock and grounded myself with its solid, ancient wisdom. I ran my hands over the smaller rocks, feeling their different textures and formations. And inspired by Avalon Cameron, I created a small Earth Mandala on one of the larger stones. If you’ve never done this before, I highly recommend it! This can be done with rocks, flowers, crystals, sea shells, etc. When I was done I just sat with it for a while, allowing its energies to activate and enjoying the powerful sense of calm and Zen it radiated.

The next day, I expected more of that beautiful earthy energy to pull me in and further explore my personal connections with it. But to my unfortunate surprise, I was uninspired. I didn’t understand it. Why didn’t I feel what I had felt the day before? Why did I all of a sudden feel stuck?

Rather than dwell on it, I moved on to the next element. But just as before, I felt nothing. Without even thinking about it, I skipped fire and went straight to water. After all, I am a water sign. But that spark of interest quickly fizzled and I was back to where I started. Finally I decided to look at my life for elemental correlations. What was I noticing? What signs had I been ignoring?

Finally, it hit me- fire! The signs were there. The hot summer season screamed fire, my sudden desire to change my hair color from blonde to fire red, my Litha fire magick which burned strangely ferociously in my cauldron. It was right there in front of me. All this time- I needed to connect with fire.

Once I really thought about it, I realized I relied heavily on the security of my moon sign’s earth energy and the intellectual prowess of my rising sign’s air energy. Admittedly, I tend to ignore the deep seeded emotions of water energy considering I’m a Cancerian- whom are notorious in the astrology-world for being overly sensitive.

But although I consciously ignored water, I subconsciously overlooked fire- which in my opinion is more problematic. I’ve never considered myself a fiery individual- full of burning passion, expression and courage. I see that energy in friends, family, pop culture archetypes- but never once have I attributed this energy to myself.

So I began further exploring this revelation of fire-rejection and journaled my thoughts and feelings about it. Soon I discovered my lack of fire fed my self-esteem issues, which fed my anxiety, which diminished my passion and once-thriving sexuality. To avoid the feeling of insecurity out in public, I became a hermit. Okay, I’ve always been a hermit- but when my self-esteem took a hit, I became an even bigger one!

I had an imbalance in my elements. My earthy security blanket nearly snuffed out the fire within. I began to understand my elements worked like see-saws. If one element was down, the opposite element would rise. Ignoring water and overlooking fire, allowed earth and air to reign over my spirituality and psyche. The key to it all, was finding balance between the four.

In my next post, I will share how I finally connected with my inner flame and how I used my Astral Realm to do so. Until then, let me know what elements do you connect with and which do you overlook? How do you find more balance between them?

And if you’re participating in The Collegiate Witch Series, feel free to join my private The Collegiate Witch Study Group on Facebook, where witches can share their learning experiences & study methods in an open, non-judgmental environment! Hope to see you there!

Happy Studying, witches!


The Snow Orchid Witch

The Collegiate Witch: Lesson Plans

Thank you to everyone who is enjoying The Collegiate Witch series! If you’re interested in being a part of my Collegiate Witch Study Group, feel free to use the Back to Basics Lesson Plans I’ve provided below, as a general outline for your studies.

Back to Basics Lesson Plan Elements and Sabbats

Back to Basics Lesson Plan Magickal Code and Deity

These Lesson Plans are a combination of assignment & activity prompts from various pagan books & YouTube videos from witches like RandomWitch, Avalon Cameron, Molly Roberts. I simply compiled them into an organized format for the purpose of my studies and added a few extra prompts of my own.

Add me on social media and tag me in any of your #collegiatewitchstudygroup posts! I’d like this series to be as interactive as possible, so we can continue to learn and be inspired by each other!

Blessed Be!


The Snow Orchid Witch

The Collegiate Witch

In my Redesigning My Books of Shadows post, I talked about getting back to basics with my practice, rediscovering the fundamentals of magick and carving out my own unique perspective on the Craft, which will then be archived in my new grimoire.

The Collegiate Witch Series showcases my own academic style of studying magick- my very own Hogwarts, so to speak.

As a high school and college student, I was always a very organized learner with neat, structured color-coordinated notes- very Virgo of me.

The only problem is- magick as a whole, isn’t very structured. One aspect leads to another, then another, then another and overtime it can feel overwhelming trying to keep up with all the information and various perspectives.

To keep myself focused amidst the avalanche of knowledge, I developed my own Lesson Plans outlining each subject with specific objectives, topics, assignments, activities, term papers and final exams.

Here are a few tips on creating your own magickal Lesson Plans.

  1. Make a Brain Dump of all the magickal subjects you’d like to study and your objectives for each subject.
  2. Class Orientation- Before creating your Lesson Plans, read a few short internet articles or watch some quick YouTube videos on each subject to get a taste of its general themes, concepts and topics.
  3. Decide which topics you’d like to focus on and list any others subtopics you’d like to explore as well.
  4. Create assignments and activities that will help foster and develop your knowledge of the subject matter.
  5. Choose your own professors & philosophers. Check out the wonderful array of witches on YouTube and sit down for a lecture, lesson or tutorial.
  6. Write a term paper culminating your knowledge and your specific perspective on the subject matter.
  7. As your Final Exam, create a Grimoire page using your term paper as literary content and design imagery or page crafts to represent the subject’s theme.

Creative Learning

As most of us already know, the left side of the brain governs our logical intellectual side while the right side manages our more creative, artistic side. Both are equally as important as the other and when I study magick, I personally like to keep a happy balance between the two. This consists of not only written assignments but also creative activities which allow me to view the subject matter in new, interesting and artistic ways.

Studying with the Mind, Body & Soul

In my practice, I thrive to achieve balance and equilibrium physically, mentally and spiritually in order to evolve, not only as a witch but also as a human being. I also like to keep this balancing principle in mind with my magickal studies as well.

Along with my book and internet studies, which stimulate my intellect- I enjoy taking my schooling outside the “classroom” and into the physical world. Just like a pre-med student takes their studies from the library, into labs and eventually begin working in hospitals- I prefer to “get my hands dirty” with my magickal education by physically working with my subject matter.

Intuitive Learning

I’ve also learned how to practice Intuitive Learning which caters to my spiritual understanding of the subject matter. While sifting through the abundance of information available, I’ll sometimes come across conflicting ideas or principles- which is to be expected in magick. Every practitioner is different and they each have their own specific viewpoints. There is no clear right or wrong in magick- the exception is, however, certain spiritual traditions which deserve the respect of practicing in reverence to its true particular roots.

The trick to Intuitive Learning is listening to your intuition- the voice within that viscerally reacts to information or perspectives that truly resonates with your spirit and aligns with your personal belief systems. Absorb what feels right and adjust or leave behind what doesn’t.

Follow me on this magickal academic journey and leave me a reply, letting me know how you choose to study your Craft.

Happy Studying, witches!


The Snow Orchid Witch