Blessed Ostara: Hello Spring!

Last December, on the third night of Yule- I looked ahead to the third month of 2017- March. In honor of Ostara, I asked myself a few questions about growth.

Now that Ostara has arrived, I’ve finally found the answers I was looking for and they all conclude that this is the time of my new beginning.

Things in my life are changing, evolving- growing into something truly special. In order to manifest my best life, I had to let go of the fear that I wasn’t good enough to deserve it.

And so I planted a little seed in my mind that everything I’ve ever wanted is within my grasp. That seed grew some roots which made its way down to my heart.

In February, I worked on loving myself more and battled my Shadow who had put the self-doubt within me. It wasn’t an easy feat but I’ve become stronger than my Shadow, like my own little cheerleader.

And once my seed grounded itself within my heart, its life-force began to take over. Its essence healed my broken spirit and made it stronger. Finally, I believe in myself and I know I deserve everything I desire.

My dreams were simply waiting for me to wake up.

In celebration of this renewed sense of life, I’m celebrating Ostara with these fun Spring activities.

Decorating my Spring Altar

The bird’s nest is a symbol of the home and the egg symbolizes growth & new beginnings. For a self-proclaimed hermit, the home is very important to me. I treat it as my creative sanctuary, representing freedom, safety and comfort. My living arrangements will be changing very soon and so the symbolism of the bird’s nest means a lot to my current transition. This little beauty will be sitting prominently on my colorful altar throughout Spring.

Ostara Nest

Faery Gardens

I love honoring the Fae, especially this time of year. Their playful curious energy is felt as the flowers begin to bloom and the animals enjoy the returning warmth. Recently I created a little Faery Garden with my nieces and nephew. There’s nothing more infectious than the enthusiasm of a child. We enjoyed foraging the yard for dead leaves, grass & bits of weeds to decorate with. I taught them how to honor Mother Nature by asking for permission before taking what they wanted to use. And together we sat outside in the fresh air, crafting a magickal little sanctuary for our faery friends.

fairy garden 2

Birdseed Ornaments

This past Imbolc, I made a ton of Birdseed Ornaments which have been enjoyed by the neighborhood birds and squirrels. On Ostara, I also like to pay reverence to our furry and feathered friends who are chirping the songs of Spring & reminding us of the fertility of the Earth, humans and animals alike.

Ostara Ornament & Nest

How are you enjoying Ostara? What seeds are you planting on this beautiful day?

Leave me a reply & let me know.

Blessed Be, lovelies.

May your Spring be filled with love & magick.


The Snow Orchid Witch

Redesigning My Book of Shadows

As I’ve mentioned before, my old Book of Shadows was destroyed in my last move.

And just as well.

I wrote that Book of Shadows when I was in my early-twenties and identified myself as Wiccan. Now that I’m in my thirties, I know my belief systems have changed. Being an eclectic witch has given me the freedom to practice my Craft in a way that is more personalized and less structured.

That’s not to say I don’t like structure within my own practice- my moon sign is Virgo, I adore structure. Just as long as it’s my own structure, not one that is strictly by the book- so to speak.

  My destroyed Book of Shadows may have been sign from the Universe letting me know that chapter in my spirituality is over.

Since this Book of Shadows will be the one that truly defines me and my Craft, I want to take my time with it. I want to be able to pass it along to my children & grandchildren, leaving behind not only my legacy but that of my grandmother & my great grandmother and our heritage of curanderismo.

Before I actually put the pen to the paper I will begin with a Book of Shadows Manuscript, of sorts which will basically be a simple black binder where I will organize the layout and design the overall look of the new book. Once I’m happy with the information, the order and the look- I’ll begin putting it all together in my actual Book of Shadows.

Easier said than done.

Almost every witch gets overwhelmed when creating their Book of Shadows. There’s so much information out there, where do I even begin?

Redesigning my BOS coffee

In my Pagan Planning post, I wrote about Brain Dumps. It’s a great way to focus and organize thoughts, tasks, goals, etc. I find it incredibly helpful in figuring out exactly what to put in my Book of Shadows.

I decided to start with everything that’s truly important to me- the things that have struck me at my spiritual core. From there I simply listed everything I do in my practice, everything I believe in, every magickal puzzle piece I’ve put together and found enlightenment with.

I also wrote my own Book Blessing. Most of the ones I found online had a message of secrecy & privacy, which I respect considering To Keep Silent is part of the Witches Pyramid. Keeping our practices shrouded in secrecy was vital to the survival of the women and men before us. Sadly in some place across the world, secrecy is still necessary to avoid banishment, torture & death.

Personally, I do believe the spells I cast should be kept private to avoid any interference. However, I also believe my Craft should be shared with anyone who’s interested.

The internet has connected more witches together than ever before. Those who were too afraid to browse the New Age section of their local bookstore, can now learn a bevy of information online & find amazing teachers in bloggers & pagan YouTubers who are actively guiding a new generation of witches down their path.

We are in the Age of Information Sharing.

And so, when I have fully redesigned my new Book of Shadows I intend on sharing it with a full flip through, perhaps on my own witchy YouTube channel.

Blessed Be.


The Snow Orchid Witch


Spring Awakenings: Season of New Beginnings

Spring is coming! Can you feel it?

In Texas, Spring is pretty much a more endurable Summer. However, I have noticed most of the pivotal changes in my life happen in the Spring.

Leases are signed, major decisions are made, new habits are formed, etc. There’s a feeling of transitional newness in the air. It’s exciting yet kinda scary, coming from someone who has a hard time with change.

Last year the change was desperately needed. My body was practically screaming at me for change- to uproot my entire life and dive into the deep end of the unknown. Tired and terrified, I did. And all I can say is, the Spring has my back.

Now that I’m in a much better place, I feel another transition coming. My hibernation period is coming to an end. Being a Cancerian, my inner-crab would love to just hide out in my shell for the rest of my life. No one can hurt me inside these walls.

But I can feel the Spring nudging me once again.

 Lately, I’ve been having reoccurring dreams of lions. The first was unusually threatening with a seemingly harmless stuffed lion whose eyes suddenly began to glow a bright red as he hostilely snarls at me. However, last night the lion was large, pink and glorious, flowing in the wind as if it was made of feathers. I felt at peace as I gazed upon this Lion- there was no more fear.

When I looked at my Moon Chart in my Pagan Bullet Journal, I saw that the moon was transitioning into Leo. Furthermore, Lion symbolism reveals a sense of authority, courage & strength, while feathers indicate new beginnings and an evolution of the soul.

 I think the Spring is telling me to have courage, regain authority of my life, get back out there and take risks so I can move on to my next phase.

Spring Tea

Last Spring my crops were in the process of rotation. The soil within me is no longer barren. Tiny buds are beginning to sprout. The beautiful colors are coming back and I’ve got a Lion inside who walks beside me every step of the way.

What does the Spring mean to you? Let me know!

Blessed Be.


The Snow Orchid Witch

The Happy Witch Project: Shining a Light on your Shadow Self

When I started my 28 Days of Self Love challenge, I expected February to be a fun month of self-care practices to help me progress on my path of healing. What I didn’t expect was the emotional rollercoaster I went through.

Focusing on what makes you happy also forces you to acknowledge what makes you unhappy.

I had to face my shadows in ways that really shook me, battling the hissing voices in my head whispering those ugly words-

“You’re not good enough”

 You’re body’s not fit enough”

“You’ve wasted your life.”

Doing all the cute little self-love activities helped take my mind off those voices but they didn’t entirely erase them. Maybe that’s the ugly truth about self-love. It’s not all butterflies & rainbows. Sometimes self-love is the ability to love yourself through the icky grime that rears its ugly head from time to time.

My shadow self was the mean girl I always avoided. She picked at every insecurity, kicked me when I was down, and made me feel like I was unworthy of self-love. She was a bully. She made me feel like giving up on myself was the only option. And that’s what bullies do- isolate & destroy. I had been bullied so much the past couple of years that I began to bully myself.

Everyone has their own shadows. You can’t outrun them. You can’t hide from them. But you also can’t hide within them. There’s only one way to handle shadows- you face them.

Instead of listening to the whispers and accepting them for fact, I asked myself questions.

“Why do I think I’m not good enough? Is it because I’m comparing myself to others who are more successful? Didn’t they have to start somewhere as well?”

“Why am I so hard on my body? Am I really not fit or am I holding myself to an impossible standard of beauty that society has forced upon me?”

“What defines a wasted life? Lack of money? Lack of status? Do those things really matter in the end?”

The answers to these questions were obvious. I learned how to challenge my inner mean girl and put that sheisty bitch in her place!

Now when I hear those whispers stirring, I turn on the spotlight and take a closer look. I guess that’s the thing with shadows- once you’re brave enough to shine a light on them, they disappear.

Blessed Be, happy witches!


The Snow Orchid Witch

Once Upon a Time- Create your own Fairy Tale

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved the word- create. Every school assignment that began with that word excited me. It was a chance to express myself through words, stories, drawings, paintings & crafts. As a quiet introverted child, being creative was my only form of self-expression.

I truly love the feeling I get from creating something special, tapping into the artistic part of my brain and exploring the depths of my imagination.

Creativity has always been my saving grace- the one thing I love about myself without any shadow of a doubt. No matter what I see in the mirror, no matter how much money I make, no matter how many friends I have- being creative is the one thing I’m always confident about.

Not to say, what I create is always amazing. It’s simply the act of creation that counts. The happiness it brings. The strange balance of excitement and serenity it gives me.

Creativity is my self-love.

One of the #28DaysofSelfLove activities was to write a fairy tale about yourself beginning with Once Upon a Time. This idea of writing my own fairy tale came to me last year at the lowest time of my life, when I felt like my day-to-day life was destroying me. Like Alice, I wanted an escape from reality and I created my very own Wonderland.

Like most fairytales, my story had the major archetypes- the Evil Queen and her henchmen, a period of trials & tribulations, a knight in shining armor and the inner-strength of the heroine who made it through the dark forest to find her own happily ever after.

I was writing a fairy tale which mirrored my daily life and somehow manifested my fantasy into reality. With the help of my knight in shining armor and a few fairy godmothers, I made it through the woods. Unfortunately, I didn’t defeat the Evil Queen in real life… but I also didn’t let her defeat me either.

If you’re going through something difficult in your life, try this activity out. Create a world where you have the strength to defeat your dragon or outwit the Evil Queen. Make it a poem, a painting, a script- whatever form of expression you feel most comfortable with.

Having trouble getting started? Ask yourself a few of these questions.

Are you a maiden, a princess, a witch, a fairy or other magickal creature?

Where do you live? A castle, a cottage, a tree, etc?

Do you have any magickal powers?

Do you have any magickal friends? Dwarves, elves, nymphs, animals, fairy godmothers, etc?

Have you been cursed? If so, how does it affect your story and how do you overcome it?

How does your fairy tale end and your happily ever after begin?


The story above is somewhat of a Chapter One in my tale. I hope you enjoy it & I hope this activity offers you the same healing and release it has offered me.

Happy Creating!

Blessed Be.


The Snow Orchid Witch

Words of Love: Enchanting Your Water

I’m a water sign and as is the case with many Cancerians, Scorpios & Pisceans, I have a strong bond with the element of Water- its connection to the Divine Feminine, its attributes of purification, love & healing; and of course its reign over our emotions.

Some of you may already know about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s theory on water and the power of words- and if you don’t I recommend you check out his experiments which are absolutely fascinating.

In one of his experiments, he took containers of water and taped different words to them- some words were positive such as love and happiness, while other words were negative like hate and anger. Afterwards, he froze the water and took pictures of their crystalized shapes. The water with words of positivity formed beautiful, symmetrical snowflake-like shapes and the water with negative words became chaotic, fragmented, misshaped crystalline forms.

Like many other scientific spiritualists, his experiments have plenty of nay-sayers, however witches don’t need much convincing as we already understand the magick of water and the power in the vibrations of our words.

Since over half of our body is water and we’ve seen how words and thoughts can affect the molecular structure of water, it’s safe to say we all should be more mindful of our words to each other and ourselves.

Furthermore, to sustain a physically healthy body we should drink an abundance of water on a daily basis.

But instead of mindlessly grabbing a bottle of water, try enchanting your water with words of positivity. You could use one word or try full affirmations, prayers, mantras, etc.


All you need are pieces of paper, a pen, scissors, tape and a glass container.

I chose this glass carafe and filled it with some bright lemon slices, which we know offers medicinal and magickal properties of purification and crisp cucumbers for its healing benefits.


After filling the carafe with water, I wrote down my positive words and taped them to the glass using some decorative washi tape.

At this point a prayer can be said over the water to solidify your intentions and send your words of love out to the Universe.

“By holding the intention of peace towards water- by thinking, speaking and acting with the intention of peace towards water- water can and will bring peace to our bodies and to the world.”  

– Dr. Masaru Emoto 

July 22nd, 1943- October 17, 2014

Thank you Dr. Emoto.

Blessed Be.

The Snow Orchid Witch

Self Love Potion

In the beginning of 28 Days of Self Love, I wrote about my Self Love Potion which is essentially a fruit smoothie blended with the intent of self-love & sensuality.

Traditionally potions are water or alcohol-based liquids mixed with fruits & herbs in a cauldron to manifest magickal effects for anyone who drinks it.

I love brewing in cauldrons but I don’t limit my magick to the traditional pagan tools. I see no problem with using household appliances to prepare potions & infusions.

In this case, the ordinary blender is our cauldron and a simple fruit smoothie recipe transforms into a magickal potion of self-love.



Vanilla Almond Milk

Vanilla -Vanilla planifolia-

Vanilla induces feelings of love & stimulates lust.

Almond -Prunus communis-

Almond promotes any spiritual healing needed to forgo the pain of past incidents which have hindered your ability to love yourself.

Spinach- Spinacea oleracea

Spinach is jam-packed with vitamins, antioxidants & minerals for our Divine Temples which makes it a wonderful self-love ingredient. Not to mention it increases our general prosperity. Woohoo!

Strawberries- Fragaria vesca

Strawberries promote a flirty sense of romantic love.

Blueberries- Vaccinium corymbosum

Blueberries provide protection, especially when under psychic attack. Bullies and all-around haters can be poisonous to someone on the path to self-love. Unfortunately, sometimes in life we must come in contact with such poison on a day-to-day basis whether at school or in our work environment. Blueberries help build a protective shield, guarding you from the inside out.

Mangos- Mangifera indica

Mangos also provide protection and increases sexual desire, awakening our inner-sensuality.

Banana- Musa acuminate

Bananas awaken a sense of spiritual love & thanks to its phallic shape, it also stimulates sexual stamina.

Chia Seeds- Salvia hispanica

Chia seeds provide sustenance, good health & protection.

Honey- Apis mellifera

Honey is perfect for all kinds of attraction & passion, as it is the favorite offering for love goddess like Aphrodite and Oshun. It is also used in solar magick to promote self-confidence and a higher self-esteem.


The last ingredient for this potion is Intent. Without intent, this smoothie is simply a delicious drink filled with healthy vitamins and nutrients.



  1. Lay out your ingredients and your blender on your counter to be cleansed and consecrated.
  2. Ground & center yourself, then build your personal power from within, visualizing your solar plexus or your heart chakra beginning to glow brightly.
  3. Once you feel your personal power has reached its peak, push this cleansing energy out of your hands and blast away any negativity from your ingredients. Grasp your blender and visualizing it glowing with this energy. See it in your mind’s eye as a cauldron, boiling and bubbling within the hearth of your heart.
  4. Enchant your fruits and vegetables by running your fingers through or over each ingredient. I like to chant its name in Latin, building up my personal power and connecting with the plants’ special magickal gifts. For example, as I hold the strawberries I repeat “Fragaria vesca”, visualizing a pink or red glow emanating from them, feeling their romantic, loving vibrations.
  5. As you add each ingredient, visualize tossing them in your hearth’s cauldron. Try to imagine the heat of the crackling fire and the sounds of the bubbling brew.
  6. Say a little prayer, chant, affirmation or mantra that speaks of your wish to conjure self love. Visualize yourself looking into the mirror and loving what you see. Imagine going about your day and doing everything with love. See yourself projecting and accepting the divine gift of love.
  7. Finally, push down on the blend button and as the blender loudly mixes the ingredients together, grasp the top of the blender and connect to the electric vibrations literally pulsating in your hands.

Pour the potion into a glass and go to a place that brings you happiness and serenity. Sip the potion slowly, enjoy the flavors. Self-love requires slowing down to truly connect with yourself and enjoy your own company.

Give this Self Love Potion a try or craft one of your own and prepare to feel absolutely & positively- lovely!

Blessed Be, beauties!


The Snow Orchid Witch