Plan with a Witch | 2018 Bullet Journal Layout for Witches

Hello again! Longtime no see. Forgive my absence, 2017 was a bit of a whirlwind for me- in the best way possible.

Last year I started a YouTube channel and met some amazing witches whom I now call my friends. Sharing my practice with others is something I’d never done before. For 18 years, my magick and spirituality was absolutely, 100% a solo endeavor- and I never thought that would ever change. But the intimate conversations I’ve had discussing witchcraft & alchemy from so many varying viewpoints are some of the best conversations I’ve ever had in my life.

But in a witch’s life, with the magick also comes the responsibilities of the mundane. Last year, I also started a new job which has been such a blessing to my life but at the same time, it’s taken a lot of my attention and energy away from not only my blog & YouTube channel, but also my practice as a whole.

Now in 2018 I’m hoping to find my rhythm again. And what better way to ensure witchy-productivity than to plan?

My favorite way to plan is with a bullet journal. It’s customizable to every aspect of your life, and as a witch it allows you to personalize your layouts to reflect your practice and specific areas of focus.

My witchy bullet journal begins like any other bullet journal- a key, an index and my goals for the year or specific months ahead. But as you begin flipping through the pages, you’ll see the different layouts I’ll be using to develop my practice in 2018.

Brain Dump

I love a good Brain Dump. It’s like the mind’s junk drawer. Things that have yet to be sorted, but are too important to be forgotten. They don’t go in any specific order- it’s just the things that you’ve been meaning to tackle but haven’t scheduled out into actionable steps yet. I find doing this is a big stress-reliever. I can spend hours awake at night going through my mental list of to-do’s and projects, but if I get it down on paper my anxiety lightens, my head clears and I’m ready to put my plans into motion.

Sabbat Bucket List

We all have activities and crafts we want to enjoy during the holidays. As a witch, the sabbats can be whatever you make of them. They can be a day of rest and reflection or they can be dedicated to crafts and ritual. And as a lover of Pinterest, I especially adore the beautiful witchy lifestyle pins. There are some fantastic ideas for celebrating the sabbats shared amongst witches from across the world. Sometimes it can be a bit of a rabbit hole and I’ll spend an entire day pinning away. My Sabbat Bucket List takes me out of the rabbit hole and puts my favorite pins into actions.

Monthly Moon Charts

My favorite spreads are my Moon Charts. I follow the moon very closely, not only focusing on the full & new moons but also tracking my mental, physical and emotional reactions to its astrological influencers and when the moon is void-of-course. Doing this allows me to plan certain activities on days with high energy astrological influences and times of rest when the moon is in transition.

Vision Pages

My Vision Pages are like smaller versions of vision boards. Much like a brain dump, I let it spill all over the pages in no specific pattern. But instead of dumping my to-do’s, I doodle and write key words that reflect what I want my life to be. I have a two-page spread for the year and one-page spreads for the months.

Year Ahead Spread

I have a love-hate relationship with Year Ahead Spreads. Sometimes I can pull a spread which hints to a year of certain struggle that’ll just completely deflate me. But then I’ll remember that the cards are warnings- something to keep an eye out for; a way to get ahead of the “struggle” and steer into a better direction.

Witchy Wish List

I’m not one to buy expensive tools and witchy supplies. Frugality is a trait I get from my dad. But also, to me part of the fun is hunting for good deals and unique witchy finds. However, occasionally I’ll find myself wishing for a certain tool or herb and as the frugal planner-witch I am- I prefer to make a list of my witchy lusts and budget them out accordingly.

Herbal Inventory

In the preliminary spell-crafing stage, I like to take stock of what herbs I have available and create a spell based on those herbs. An inventory list complete with their magickal correspondences makes spell-crafting 10x easier. It also allows me to keep track of how much I have on hand and when I need to make my magickal grocery list in order to restock.

Concoction Tracker & Spell Tracker

Almost as important as the spell itself, is keeping track of it. Not only when the concoction or spell was completed but how often you feed it as well any results which have begun to manifest.

Spirit Guide Messages

If you believe in signs, omens and symbolism, it can be incredibly fulfilling to jot them down and connect the dots. Sometimes the Universe sends hints in the form of animal symbolism, beautiful coincidences or magnificent dreams. This layout is just for those magickal occurrences of spirit.

Magickal Morning Routine

Last year I also wrote about my long wonderful magickal morning routine, but as life seems to have sped up on me I’ve had to condense my routine quite a bit. In bullet journal form, I can use sticky notes for my ever-changing daily mantras, actions can be either a physical workout or just my major action plan for the day. My “ground and center” sticky notes reflect what I’m grateful for or  little reminders that bring me back to my center. And knowledge sticky notes list what I want to focus on for the day. The next page reveals my inspiration and creative visualizations. Sometimes my inspiration is a playlist of songs that inspire me to get into my work-mode and my creative visualization is a mental montage of the perfect work-day ahead.  Other times my inspiration is Claire Waverley- the main character of my favorite book; and my creative visualization is spending the day dedicating my time to my practice. It may not work for everyone, but it works for me.

Do you have a witchy planning system? If so, how do you keep your practice in order- or are you the kind of witch who forgoes order all together? Let me know!

Thanks for sticking around with me! Till next time…


The Snow Orchid Witch

Plan with a Witch: Witchy Bullet Journal Moon Tracker

I admit it. I’m not much of a spontaneous witch. I found that the spontaneous spells I performed in the past either didn’t work or yielded erratic results. I find success in planning, preparing and clearly focusing on my intentions before doing any type of spell work.

As a Cancerian, I have strong magickal ties to the Moon. In fact, She is a major component in my witchy planning process. I follow her phases, which astrological signs she’s in and the times of the month that she is Void-of-Course.

Moon Tracker flatlay

I created a Moon Tracker layout in my Witchy Bullet Journal for quick & easy referencing. At the end of every month, I make a new Moon Tracker on a two-page spread for the month ahead.

Month At A Glance

On the left page, I title the header Month At-A-Glance. This page will have a vertical calendar of the days of the month where I can write down major events like Esbats & Sabbats. I start by writing the dates in a column on the far left hand side of the page. Next to each date I write the first letter of the day of the week to more easily distinguish each particular day.

Moon Tracker Left Page

If you like the more traditional calendar look, you can also use a Monthly Planner and use different washi tape to mark these major dates. I use a sparkly gold tape for Sabbats, a matte silver tape for New Moons & a sparkly silver washi tape for Esbats.

Monthly Moon Chart

On the right page, I title the header Moon Chart. This is where I will track the Moon’s astrological signs and Void-of-Course periods. I begin by writing the dates in a vertical column on the far left hand side of the page. I then write the hours of the day in a row, underneath the header and right above the vertical column of dates.

Moon Tracker Right Page

Void-of-Course Periods

To find the Void-of-Course periods, I refer to my Llewellyn’s Witches Datebook 2017 and convert the times from Eastern to my time zone. On the Month-At-A-Glance page, I make a vertical line down the right-hand side leaving enough room to jot down the specific time of each Void-of-Course period for every day. I write the quarters of the moon in this area as well.

Moon Tracker Void of Course

Once I’ve written down the specific times for the Void-of-Course periods, I mark out these time blocks in a red pen on my Moon Chart. If the VoC period begins in the middle of the hour, I mark a slash through the block. If it takes up the whole hour, I mark an X through the entire block.

Before performing any magick, I refer to this page. Personally, I don’t like performing spells on a Void-of-Course period. It’s like when you’re tuning the radio and keep picking up static. I choose to simply wait until the signal is clear and the Moon is in a new astrological sign. I also don’t like to sign contracts, make large purchases or schedule any major meeting during a VoC period if at all possible. I want my radio station nice and clear for those types of events as well.

Moon Tracker Chart

Once I’m done marking out these periods, I write the astrological sign the Moon has entered after being VoC. This is a great way to plan and utilize Her varying energies throughout the month to better enhance your magick, depending on your spell’s specific purpose.

I also use this tracker to plan out my mundane activities as well. I like to start a new lifestyle change during the New Moon and use the VoC time periods to either relax, meditate or do a little studying.

How do you track the Moon? Let me know!


The Snow Orchid Witch