The Happy Witch Project: Shining a Light on your Shadow Self

When I started my 28 Days of Self Love challenge, I expected February to be a fun month of self-care practices to help me progress on my path of healing. What I didn’t expect was the emotional rollercoaster I went through.

Focusing on what makes you happy also forces you to acknowledge what makes you unhappy.

I had to face my shadows in ways that really shook me, battling the hissing voices in my head whispering those ugly words-

“You’re not good enough”

 You’re body’s not fit enough”

“You’ve wasted your life.”

Doing all the cute little self-love activities helped take my mind off those voices but they didn’t entirely erase them. Maybe that’s the ugly truth about self-love. It’s not all butterflies & rainbows. Sometimes self-love is the ability to love yourself through the icky grime that rears its ugly head from time to time.

My shadow self was the mean girl I always avoided. She picked at every insecurity, kicked me when I was down, and made me feel like I was unworthy of self-love. She was a bully. She made me feel like giving up on myself was the only option. And that’s what bullies do- isolate & destroy. I had been bullied so much the past couple of years that I began to bully myself.

Everyone has their own shadows. You can’t outrun them. You can’t hide from them. But you also can’t hide within them. There’s only one way to handle shadows- you face them.

Instead of listening to the whispers and accepting them for fact, I asked myself questions.

“Why do I think I’m not good enough? Is it because I’m comparing myself to others who are more successful? Didn’t they have to start somewhere as well?”

“Why am I so hard on my body? Am I really not fit or am I holding myself to an impossible standard of beauty that society has forced upon me?”

“What defines a wasted life? Lack of money? Lack of status? Do those things really matter in the end?”

The answers to these questions were obvious. I learned how to challenge my inner mean girl and put that sheisty bitch in her place!

Now when I hear those whispers stirring, I turn on the spotlight and take a closer look. I guess that’s the thing with shadows- once you’re brave enough to shine a light on them, they disappear.

Blessed Be, happy witches!


The Snow Orchid Witch

Self Love Potion

In the beginning of 28 Days of Self Love, I wrote about my Self Love Potion which is essentially a fruit smoothie blended with the intent of self-love & sensuality.

Traditionally potions are water or alcohol-based liquids mixed with fruits & herbs in a cauldron to manifest magickal effects for anyone who drinks it.

I love brewing in cauldrons but I don’t limit my magick to the traditional pagan tools. I see no problem with using household appliances to prepare potions & infusions.

In this case, the ordinary blender is our cauldron and a simple fruit smoothie recipe transforms into a magickal potion of self-love.



Vanilla Almond Milk

Vanilla -Vanilla planifolia-

Vanilla induces feelings of love & stimulates lust.

Almond -Prunus communis-

Almond promotes any spiritual healing needed to forgo the pain of past incidents which have hindered your ability to love yourself.

Spinach- Spinacea oleracea

Spinach is jam-packed with vitamins, antioxidants & minerals for our Divine Temples which makes it a wonderful self-love ingredient. Not to mention it increases our general prosperity. Woohoo!

Strawberries- Fragaria vesca

Strawberries promote a flirty sense of romantic love.

Blueberries- Vaccinium corymbosum

Blueberries provide protection, especially when under psychic attack. Bullies and all-around haters can be poisonous to someone on the path to self-love. Unfortunately, sometimes in life we must come in contact with such poison on a day-to-day basis whether at school or in our work environment. Blueberries help build a protective shield, guarding you from the inside out.

Mangos- Mangifera indica

Mangos also provide protection and increases sexual desire, awakening our inner-sensuality.

Banana- Musa acuminate

Bananas awaken a sense of spiritual love & thanks to its phallic shape, it also stimulates sexual stamina.

Chia Seeds- Salvia hispanica

Chia seeds provide sustenance, good health & protection.

Honey- Apis mellifera

Honey is perfect for all kinds of attraction & passion, as it is the favorite offering for love goddess like Aphrodite and Oshun. It is also used in solar magick to promote self-confidence and a higher self-esteem.


The last ingredient for this potion is Intent. Without intent, this smoothie is simply a delicious drink filled with healthy vitamins and nutrients.



  1. Lay out your ingredients and your blender on your counter to be cleansed and consecrated.
  2. Ground & center yourself, then build your personal power from within, visualizing your solar plexus or your heart chakra beginning to glow brightly.
  3. Once you feel your personal power has reached its peak, push this cleansing energy out of your hands and blast away any negativity from your ingredients. Grasp your blender and visualizing it glowing with this energy. See it in your mind’s eye as a cauldron, boiling and bubbling within the hearth of your heart.
  4. Enchant your fruits and vegetables by running your fingers through or over each ingredient. I like to chant its name in Latin, building up my personal power and connecting with the plants’ special magickal gifts. For example, as I hold the strawberries I repeat “Fragaria vesca”, visualizing a pink or red glow emanating from them, feeling their romantic, loving vibrations.
  5. As you add each ingredient, visualize tossing them in your hearth’s cauldron. Try to imagine the heat of the crackling fire and the sounds of the bubbling brew.
  6. Say a little prayer, chant, affirmation or mantra that speaks of your wish to conjure self love. Visualize yourself looking into the mirror and loving what you see. Imagine going about your day and doing everything with love. See yourself projecting and accepting the divine gift of love.
  7. Finally, push down on the blend button and as the blender loudly mixes the ingredients together, grasp the top of the blender and connect to the electric vibrations literally pulsating in your hands.

Pour the potion into a glass and go to a place that brings you happiness and serenity. Sip the potion slowly, enjoy the flavors. Self-love requires slowing down to truly connect with yourself and enjoy your own company.

Give this Self Love Potion a try or craft one of your own and prepare to feel absolutely & positively- lovely!

Blessed Be, beauties!


The Snow Orchid Witch

12 Nights of Yule- December 21st

Merry Yule

I hope everyone is enjoying the Winter Solstice as much as I am. The weather was bright and beautiful so I decided to do my writing outside and connect with the returning Sun.

As I’ve mentioned before in my Happy Witch post, 2016 was not very kind to me. My life was flipped upside down and inside out, yet as the year is coming to an end all I feel is gratitude. This is, after all, the night of Rebirth and Renewal.

On the second night of Yule, I dedicate my magick to the second month of the coming year- February. I personally adore February and all things Valentine’s Day. I can’t get enough of the cutesy decorations, the candy, the pink & red hearts- all of it!

I guess I don’t see the commercialization of it all because Valentine’s Day holds special sentimental value for me, being my parent’s anniversary. They taught us that Valentine’s Day wasn’t about Hallmark cards and boxes of chocolate. It’s about the universal gift of love- all kinds of love, especially the love of your family.

Instead of exchanging gifts with each other, they’d go out and get us kid’s presents. When I was thirteen, I had revealed I was converting to paganism and on Valentine’s Day they came home from their date with a deck of tarot cards for me. I was overjoyed! Those tarot cards were more than just a Valentine’s gift. They were representative of something not every young witch receives from their religious family- unconditional support and acceptance.

Ironically, support and acceptance are the very two things I’ve had trouble giving myself this year. But I’m determined to change that and this February I will not only be celebrating familial and, of course, romantic love- I will be celebrating the importance of self-love.


Today I have prepared a lovely herbal mixture of dried yellow rose petals for love, catnip for happiness and lavender for healing. After purifying with white sage and cinnamon incense, I crushed my herbs together at my working altar while setting my intention and drawing on the positive energies of the rose quartz and amethyst crystals.

Once I had created a fine blend of the herbs, I anointed tonight’s candle with lemon essential oil for added purification and brightness. Afterwards, I rubbed my Self Love Herbal Blend onto it, inhaling its gorgeous scent and smiling as I visualized my happy future.

I chose a pink candle for its peaceful, gentle energy and have placed it on my Venus altar for tonight’s celebration. As it burns, I welcome and give thanks to the returning light of the Sun who shines upon my path of healing.

I know this is a very different type of Yule celebration, but I see tonight’s ritual as my own rebirth and am discovering a renewed sense of self-worth in the process.

I hope everyone is having a blessed Yule and are enjoying the same warmth that I feel in my heart tonight.

Blessed be!


The Snow Orchid Witch

The Daily Witch: Flirty Friday

Everyone knows the acronym TGIF and its meaning- Thank God it’s Friday. For most, it’s an expression of relief that the workweek is over and a nice, relaxing weekend is coming.

For witches, TGIF stands for Thank Goddess it’s Friday.

Fridays are ruled by the planet Venus, dedicated to the Roman goddess of love and is named after Freya, the Nordic goddess of love and beauty.

This day is about enjoyment and indulging in one’s beauty. Everyone has their insecurities, but today is the day to celebrate what makes us beautiful and practice little acts of self-love.

I like to create a Beauty Altar dedicated to goddesses such as Hathor, Oshun, Aphrodite, and of course, Freya. This can be as simple as a vanity decked out with all my beauty products and little touches of gold and pink in their honor. I take a little extra time getting ready, maybe going for a more glamourous look than my normal day-to-day makeup.

Date nights are great for Fridays due to its associations with love. My fiance and I will enjoy each other’s company with some good food and a few drinks. Once home we’ll get into our comfy clothes and curl up to watch a movie with some popcorn and candy.

How do you enjoy yourself on Fridays?

Comment down below!


The Snow Orchid Witch