Blessed Ostara: Hello Spring!

Last December, on the third night of Yule- I looked ahead to the third month of 2017- March. In honor of Ostara, I asked myself a few questions about growth.

Now that Ostara has arrived, I’ve finally found the answers I was looking for and they all conclude that this is the time of my new beginning.

Things in my life are changing, evolving- growing into something truly special. In order to manifest my best life, I had to let go of the fear that I wasn’t good enough to deserve it.

And so I planted a little seed in my mind that everything I’ve ever wanted is within my grasp. That seed grew some roots which made its way down to my heart.

In February, I worked on loving myself more and battled my Shadow who had put the self-doubt within me. It wasn’t an easy feat but I’ve become stronger than my Shadow, like my own little cheerleader.

And once my seed grounded itself within my heart, its life-force began to take over. Its essence healed my broken spirit and made it stronger. Finally, I believe in myself and I know I deserve everything I desire.

My dreams were simply waiting for me to wake up.

In celebration of this renewed sense of life, I’m celebrating Ostara with these fun Spring activities.

Decorating my Spring Altar

The bird’s nest is a symbol of the home and the egg symbolizes growth & new beginnings. For a self-proclaimed hermit, the home is very important to me. I treat it as my creative sanctuary, representing freedom, safety and comfort. My living arrangements will be changing very soon and so the symbolism of the bird’s nest means a lot to my current transition. This little beauty will be sitting prominently on my colorful altar throughout Spring.

Ostara Nest

Faery Gardens

I love honoring the Fae, especially this time of year. Their playful curious energy is felt as the flowers begin to bloom and the animals enjoy the returning warmth. Recently I created a little Faery Garden with my nieces and nephew. There’s nothing more infectious than the enthusiasm of a child. We enjoyed foraging the yard for dead leaves, grass & bits of weeds to decorate with. I taught them how to honor Mother Nature by asking for permission before taking what they wanted to use. And together we sat outside in the fresh air, crafting a magickal little sanctuary for our faery friends.

fairy garden 2

Birdseed Ornaments

This past Imbolc, I made a ton of Birdseed Ornaments which have been enjoyed by the neighborhood birds and squirrels. On Ostara, I also like to pay reverence to our furry and feathered friends who are chirping the songs of Spring & reminding us of the fertility of the Earth, humans and animals alike.

Ostara Ornament & Nest

How are you enjoying Ostara? What seeds are you planting on this beautiful day?

Leave me a reply & let me know.

Blessed Be, lovelies.

May your Spring be filled with love & magick.


The Snow Orchid Witch

Spring Awakenings: Season of New Beginnings

Spring is coming! Can you feel it?

In Texas, Spring is pretty much a more endurable Summer. However, I have noticed most of the pivotal changes in my life happen in the Spring.

Leases are signed, major decisions are made, new habits are formed, etc. There’s a feeling of transitional newness in the air. It’s exciting yet kinda scary, coming from someone who has a hard time with change.

Last year the change was desperately needed. My body was practically screaming at me for change- to uproot my entire life and dive into the deep end of the unknown. Tired and terrified, I did. And all I can say is, the Spring has my back.

Now that I’m in a much better place, I feel another transition coming. My hibernation period is coming to an end. Being a Cancerian, my inner-crab would love to just hide out in my shell for the rest of my life. No one can hurt me inside these walls.

But I can feel the Spring nudging me once again.

 Lately, I’ve been having reoccurring dreams of lions. The first was unusually threatening with a seemingly harmless stuffed lion whose eyes suddenly began to glow a bright red as he hostilely snarls at me. However, last night the lion was large, pink and glorious, flowing in the wind as if it was made of feathers. I felt at peace as I gazed upon this Lion- there was no more fear.

When I looked at my Moon Chart in my Pagan Bullet Journal, I saw that the moon was transitioning into Leo. Furthermore, Lion symbolism reveals a sense of authority, courage & strength, while feathers indicate new beginnings and an evolution of the soul.

 I think the Spring is telling me to have courage, regain authority of my life, get back out there and take risks so I can move on to my next phase.

Spring Tea

Last Spring my crops were in the process of rotation. The soil within me is no longer barren. Tiny buds are beginning to sprout. The beautiful colors are coming back and I’ve got a Lion inside who walks beside me every step of the way.

What does the Spring mean to you? Let me know!

Blessed Be.


The Snow Orchid Witch