The Collegiate Witch: Planetary Study

This has been a crazy year… cosmically speaking. With so many retrogrades, eclipses and destiny-sculpting trines… I’m definitely glad I chose this year to focus on my planetary study.

I dove into this type of study the same way I reacquainted myself with the elements.

Books, books, books, internet and books.

And just like before, traditional study laid down a framework for my perspective on the subject matter. But it wasn’t until I sat with it and began to apply the planets to my life, when I found my personal correspondences with them.

The Cosmos & Me

I’m a very visual person. I’m all about the mood boards & vision boards. Inspiration & visualizations are part of my daily morning practice. So it came as no surprise when I began using Pinterest in my studies.

I looked at the energies of each and every planet through my eyes and my eyes only.

How does the sun actually make feel? Well… it depends. In the literal sense, I hate too much sun. The summertime blues is a real thing in Texas. The heat is no joke. But in the wintertime, the morning sun is a warm blanket. It’s healing. It’s gentle like a kiss on the forehead. And of course as a hard-shelled Cancerian, my favorite kind of sun- is a hidden sun, shrouded in the darkness behind gloomy rain clouds.

So when I put a metaphorical spin on these conclusions, I realized the sun is equivalent to a spotlight. If I get too much attention I get overheated, uncomfortable and nervous… its almost suffocating. On the other hand, being recognized for my authenticity and feeling confident in my talents makes me feel like I’m sunbathing in the morning sun. And funny enough, I feel the most comfortable when I’m not seen at all. I can sit safely behind the clouds and be perfectly content.

If you look at my Sun section in my Pinterest board called The Cosmos & Me, you’d find a lot of voyeuristic window photos & Hollywood themes. I feel the Sun represents what we choose to show to the world. It’s our ego, our self expression.. it’s social media- the keyhole into our lives, the glossiest version of ourselves. It’s our ego and our light. And it is also the perfect dartboard for bottom-dwellers to target and try to tarnish. Or at least, that is my interpretation.

Feel free to check out my Pinterest page for a lil’ visual peak at my personal correspondences for the planets. But better yet, try making one for yourself before you check mine out. Don’t let my perspective shift yours.

Get raw. Get personal. Get creative. These are your correspondences and yours alone. Have fun with it!

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out this blog! I truly appreciate all those who appreciate my voice. I’m so sorry for my inconsistency on this blog. It’s definitely a work in progress.

For more Planetary Study inspo, check out my latest YouTube video in The Collegiate Witch Series.

Happy Studying!



The Collegiate Witch: Lesson Plans

Thank you to everyone who is enjoying The Collegiate Witch series! If you’re interested in being a part of my Collegiate Witch Study Group, feel free to use the Back to Basics Lesson Plans I’ve provided below, as a general outline for your studies.

Back to Basics Lesson Plan Elements and Sabbats

Back to Basics Lesson Plan Magickal Code and Deity

These Lesson Plans are a combination of assignment & activity prompts from various pagan books & YouTube videos from witches like RandomWitch, Avalon Cameron, Molly Roberts. I simply compiled them into an organized format for the purpose of my studies and added a few extra prompts of my own.

Add me on social media and tag me in any of your #collegiatewitchstudygroup posts! I’d like this series to be as interactive as possible, so we can continue to learn and be inspired by each other!

Blessed Be!


The Snow Orchid Witch