12 Nights of Yule- December 31st

At this point we’ve been contemplating our New Year goals since Samhain, began newer healthier habits in November and have finalized our annual plans throughout December.

Now that the planning is done, it’s time to relax, enjoy good food and ring in the New Year with the people in my life who matter the most.

My family and I said hello to 2017 with a couple of fun New Year’s Eve customs for good luck.


Pigs are symbols of prosperity across the world. In Germany, it is customary to eat little marzipan pigs for good fortune.

We set our intentions for a prosperous year with some delicious marranitos, which are molasses gingerbread cookies in the shape of pigs.


We also wrote out our New Year’s wishes on small pieces of paper, folded them up and tossed them into the bonfire.

Fire represents change and transformation, which makes it the perfect element to work with at this time of year. In fact, the act of burning wishes is a type of fire magick that provides the quickest results.

2016 was a year of awakenings. One could argue it was a year of rude awakenings.

I found myself at my lowest- physically, emotionally, mentally- and it has taken a lot of strength, courage and perseverance to pick myself back up again.

I’m calling 2017 My Year of Magick.

This year I choose to live mindfully with intention and a fierce determination to manifest the kind of life I deserve.

Happy New Year & Blessed Be!


The Snow Orchid Witch

12 Nights of Yule- December 27th

On the eighth night of Yule, I look ahead to the eighth month of the year.

In August we celebrate Lughnasadh, also known as Lammas, which marks the beginning of autumn and the first harvest of the season. It’s customary to celebrate with grain & gratitude by baking Lammas bread and sharing it with the ones you love.

On this quiet day, I sit outside amongst the buzzing bees and chirping birds, enjoying my own version of cakes & ale with nature. My cakes are these cute little whole grain cookies from Dick & Jane Baking Co. They have pictures imprinted on them with both their English and Spanish translations.


I chose three cookies- snow to signify myself, corn to symbolize Lammas and money to represent what I’d like to harvest this year. My ale was a warm chai tea latte fragrant with cinnamon, ginger and clove- all wonderful prosperity spices.

Lammas is the time to consider what else I’d like to harvest in my life. After all, to harvest is to reap the benefits of the work we’ve done during the spring and summer, not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.

What knowledge can I harvest?

What new things have I learned this year and how can I start utilizing it?

What skill of mine still needs ripening?

What emotional growth can I celebrate?

What spiritual and magickal workings have culminated into fruition?

In what ways can I share my abundance?

 The wheel of the year is already turning forward towards spring and the opportunity for all kinds of growth is abundant. Eight months from now when it’s time for your spiritual reaping, what would you like to see yourself harvesting?


The Snow Orchid Witch

12 Nights of Yule- December 24th

On the fifth night of Yule, I set my intentions for May.

The month starts off with Beltane, the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. This is the magickal time of year when we focus on the divine union between the Lord and the Lady.

Beltane bonfires are lit, maypoles and ribbon wands are crafted and flower crowns are donned to honor the fertile Earth.

Beltane is a time to consider your relationships- particularly romantic partnerships; as well as sexuality, love, fertility and passion. I personally, adore the imagery of the Horned God embracing the fertile Maiden Goddess amidst their Sacred Marriage.


I associate this Sabbat with the Lovers card and like to place at on my Beltane altar to connect with its energy as I meditate on the idea of romantic love.

What does love mean to me?

How do I show my love and passion toward my partner?

How do I like to receive love and passion from my partner?

How can I celebrate my own sensuality?

Because the veil between our world and the faery world is the thinnest at Beltane, it is a great time to honor them with adorable faery gardens and offerings such as faerie cakes or a simple dish of milk and honey.

When working with the Fae, I like to remind myself of my own childlike wonder. As little girls we believed in faeries, no question asked. Some of us were even able to see through the veil and interact with them on occasion. All we had to do was believe.

As an adult you tend to forget that world of enchantment, focusing too much on your day-to-day obligations like bills, finances, career, etc. It can be hard to shift our minds out of the grownup-realm and into the more whimsical mindset of children.


On a night like Christmas Eve, it’s easier to remember the splendor of being a child where the magic of Christmas lives everywhere. Preserving that kind of magic all year long takes a bit more effort, so I like to do little things that keep the child within me giggling with glee.

Read childhood stories like Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Watch cartoons I loved as a child.

Sing my favorite Disney songs.

Play make-believe and imagine I’m a faerie. What kind of faerie would I be? What color wings would I have? What would my faerie dwelling look like?

Write my life as a fairy tale, beginning with Once Upon a Time…

How do you plan on celebrating Beltane this May?

Leave me a reply and share your Beltane traditions.


The Snow Orchid Witch

12 Nights of Yule- December 20th

Yule officially begins today at sunset, the night before the Winter Solstice.

On this day I like to prepare my Yule altar with pine cones and pine branches. I have also chosen a handful of runes to aid me in the coming year, as well as a few of my favorite crystals. Mercury retrograde has started yesterday so I’ve chosen black tourmaline, selenite and a quartz crystal for their protection.


I also like to set my intentions for each month of the upcoming year with every night of the winter solstice. Tonight is dedicated to January and as I light the first of the twelve candles, I’ll meditate and journal about my intentions for that month.

In my last post I talked about doing a Brain Dump for each of my monthly plans on a huge piece of drawing paper. I’m a very visual person and I often like to draw out my ideas so it’s easier for me to meditate on the images without getting my thoughts jumbled.


In January, I want to start creating habits for more a more productive, creative and healthy lifestyle. These are just a few of what I will be focusing on doing in the New Year:

Write every day and stick to a writing schedule.

Study more of the Craft.

Work on my Book of Shadows.

Meditate and perform my daily magickal routines every morning & evening.

Do daily, weekly and monthly tarot and oracle reads.

Eat healthier and buy more organic foods.

 Workout at least a couple of times a week.

Save more money than I spend.


I’ll also decorate my altar with physical representations of my intentions, such as: my Book of Shadows, my favorite pen, my planner, my study notebooks, my tarot cards and a silver typewriter my fiance gave me last year.

This altar isn’t very structured or orderly- it’s simply a beautiful mixture of my favorite things, reminding me of what I intend to explore in the coming year.

Do you celebrate Yule only on the 21st or do you like to honor each night of the winter solstice leading up to the New Year?

Leave me a reply and let me know!


The Snow Orchid Witch

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‘Tis the Season of Pine

With Yule rapidly approaching, it’s time to connect with the season’s popular winter symbol- pine.

Pine represents life, strength, protection, purification, abundance and love. The pine tree was thought to be the only tree to survive the Ice Age and continues to flourish through the harshest of winters, which is why pine too represents perseverance and is commonly used to help one endure through difficult times.

But it also has many other magickal gifts to offer.

Pine Purification

Everyone knows about spring cleaning but winter time is also wonderful for purification, especially as we enter the New Year.

Forgo the harsh “faux-pine” floor cleaner and create your own natural floor wash using Martha Stewart’s Floor Cleaner recipe from her Clean Green: Natural Cleaning Products piece on her website. Martha calls for 10 drops of your choice essential oil in this recipe and pine is the perfect option to take this mixture from domestic-diva status- into pagan pine purification perfection! Simply set your intention and wash away the negativity.

Hanging pine is also a common magickal practice. Pine branches hung over the bed help to keep illnesses away and heal the sick. It can be hung over the front door or used as decoration within the home to ensure good health and joy for its inhabitants.

If you have a nifty aromatherapy oil diffuser, you can also diffuse pine essential oil within the air and fill the home with pure vibrations and its signature fresh scent. Of course, if you are more traditional and prefer the woodier scent of burning incense, there are many pine incense sticks, cones and resins to choose from, which also offer assistance with divination, money, healing and even exorcism.

To prepare for Yule rituals, craft a simple bath sachet of pine needles for deep spiritual cleansing before the festivities begin.

Pine Protection

I decorate my Yule altar with pine cones and pine branches to pay homage to the Winter Solstice and ward off any evil and negative energy. Burning pine needles in the cauldron fire offers even more spiritual protection.

Pine Prosperity

I also like to toss a few pine needles into the fireplace and watch the crackling fire spark as the needles scorch in its flames. As it burns I ask for the blessings of prosperity in the coming year.

A simple spell could be crafted by crushing up pine needles with a mortar and pestle while chanting a money incantation and then sprinkling the powder within your wallet or using it to dress a money candle. Many money incantations can be found online but I choose to write my own, connecting with my own creativity and personal magick.

How do you celebrate the season with pine? Leave me a reply and let me know!

Blessed be and Merry Yule!


The Snow Orchid Witch